How to tell if your makeup is causing acne

How to tell if your makeup is causing acne

It is always a dilemma for women, to use makeup when they suffer from acne and pimples . Hopefully, you know that some makeup is not good for your skin.
You still apply a thick layer of make-up to camouflage the pimples. You’re not the only one and you won’t be the last.

There is even a special medical name for pimples caused by the use of cosmetics: acne cosmetics. But what is the effect of makeup on your acne? And how much makeup do you use to visually get rid of your pimples? If you read all the beauty magazines and health magazines, you will read everywhere that make-up is bad when you suffer from acne.

You read that makeup prevents your skin from breathing and clogs your pores, making your pimples worse. Do not! Is always the advice. But that’s easier said than done!

Why use make-up?

The reason why you can use make-up is of course obvious. You can get rid of blemishes and imperfections with make-up. You will (hopefully) look more beautiful and therefore feel more confident and more comfortable in your own skin.
Like it or not, the society we live in places a high value on beauty. The prettier, the better… Using makeup to camouflage your imperfections is therefore the fastest and easiest way to make yourself feel better. However, there is another reason to use makeup.

One that you wouldn’t stop thinking about yourself. It is well known that stress can affect your acne. There’s nothing more annoying than having to go somewhere when you see some nasty, thick, dirty pimples on your face. You know they are there.

It makes you insecure, it increases stress, and for some even anxiety. This puts you in a vicious circle; acne causes stress, stress makes your acne worse. The more you try to get rid of your acne, the more frustrated you become and the less effective all your efforts are.

You then have two options:

  • Waiting for the pimples to go away on their own (this can take a long time)
  • Make the stress less

Suppose you have to go to an occasion this afternoon, then, of course, you can’t wait. So go for the second option and make sure you have less stress. For most women, this means hiding the pimples with makeup.

It’s fast and (mostly) effective. And yes, you know it’s temporary. You pretend, but you know those pimples are still there. But what does it matter! Because as I already told you, you just feel better in your own skin and the stress level goes down.

Do you get pimples from makeup?

Yes, makeup can cause breakouts. Pimples caused by cosmetics usually appear on the chin, cheeks, and forehead. It can take months for this type of acne to develop, but once it does, it can also take a long time to go away.

Women who have to deal with this continue to put on more makeup to hide all the new pimples. Here too, that vicious circle arises again, you keep greasing and the pimples keep coming. The acne is also sometimes aggravated as you use more and more aggressive makeup. Using rough brushes can also irritate the pimples.

Some women also get an allergic reaction to makeup. The difference between acne cosmetics and an allergic reaction is that the latter is usually immediately visible. You feel a burning or itching sensation where you have applied makeup. The spots also turn red and become irritated.

What can you do about this?

People with skin problems usually use a lot of make-up and cosmetics to hide their imperfections. Unfortunately, many people with sensitive skin too.

Below are some tips:

  • Obvious, but try to use less makeup. It’s hard, I know. But sometimes you have to add water to the wine.
  • If you really have trouble with less make-up, try to apply your make-up lighter instead of applying it thickly.
  • Remove your make-up every night before going to sleep. There are plenty of women who simply forsake this out of laziness.
  • Preferably use water-soluble make-up. This type of makeup is easier to remove and you don’t need to use harsh cleansers.
  • Keep an eye on the expiration date. Even if you buy makeup. With some cosmetics this is shorter than you expect.


Using makeup remains a must for many of us. Yes, using too much or the wrong makeup can irritate the skin and, in the worst cases, cause breakouts. However, the other side of the coin is that with the right makeup, we can even out our skin and camouflage pimples and bumps.

This makes us feel more confident and less stressed. Less stress has a positive effect on how we feel, behave, but also how we look. So to conclude, just like everything else in life, choose balance.

It is not necessary to stay off make-up, but do not apply excessively. Choose make-up that does not irritate your skin and preferably use water-soluble products.

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