How to teach your child good values

How to teach your child good values

It really is never too early to begin teaching your child good values. Ideally, you can begin teaching your child when she is just a toddler. As she grows, you can continue to emphasize the values you want her to have, and you can introduce more values to her as she matures.

Obviously, if you want your child to have good values, you will need to set an example for her to follow. How can you expect your child to behave in a certain manner if you don’t behave the same way yourself?

You can model good values for your child daily. Whether you realize it or not, you are your child’s hero. He is watching you, and he will learn how to handle certain situations just by following your example. Keeping this in mind, pay attention to how you handle people and situations that occur on a daily basis.

You can teach your child to be honest by being honest yourself. If someone calls to speak with you, and you instruct your child to tell that person you aren’t home, you are teaching them that it is perfectly acceptable to be dishonest. If a salesperson gives you too much money back, return the money to them. You should never miss an opportunity to teach your child to be honest!

You can teach your children to think of others by giving of yourself. If you donate clothing or money to a homeless shelter, let your child go with you. Encourage him to look through his own clothing and toys so that he can donate also. If you enjoy making meals for those who are sick, let your child help you in the kitchen and take him along with you when you deliver the food.

You can teach your child to be considerate. Whether you are speaking to your spouse, friend, grocery clerk, or salesperson, you can be kind and polite. Use words such as please and thank you. Don’t criticize or gossip about others. Treat your child with respect. If you expect him to be kind to you, be kind to him.

It is very important to teach your child to apologize. What better way to do this than to apologize to your child? If you have made a mistake to someone in your family, a friend, or a co-worker, apologize to that person. If your child is rude to another child or misbehaves in some way towards an adult, tell her that you expect her to apologize. If she isn’t sure how to do it the first few times, tell her what you’d like her to say. Once she has learned to say she is sorry, tell her how proud you are of her.

You can teach your child to be responsible by showing her how important responsibility is to you. Be on time to your job, church, appointments, and her school. Give her responsibilities that are age appropriate for her. Praise her when she completes these responsibilities.

It is a good idea to use positive reinforcement with your child as often as possible. If you see her portraying behavior that exhibits good values, let her know how pleased you are with her. Be sure and point out exactly what the behavior was that she exhibited. Once she realizes that she is pleasing you, she will want to show you how well she can behave towards you and towards others.

You can teach your child good values. Begin by modeling behavior so you can be a good example. Teach your child to be a good son or daughter, a good friend, a good student, and a good person. If you continue to expect the best from your child, she will do her best to live up to your expectations.

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