How to teach a child to keep their room clean

Ever step into your child’s room and realize you cannot even see the floor through the mess? Toys, clothes, and papers are strewn on every available surface from the dresser drawer to the bed.

How did his room get to be so messy when you just cleaned it last weekend? Want to be able to see your child’s floor again? Here are some ways to help your child keep his room clean and tidy so you don’t have to do a major room-cleaning overhaul every single weekend.

  • Have a designated place for every single thing in your child’s room. For example, place labels on baskets or drawers for certain items. If your son loves dinosaurs, for instance, have a big basket where he can put all of his dinosaur items. Or if you have a daughter that has lots of Barbies, designate a drawer where she knows all of her Barbies will always be. Have baskets or boxes that house specific items like car toys, action figures, dolls or miscellaneous items. If your child does not know how to read yet, take a picture of what each box should hold and glue or tape it on the outside of the box where you can clearly see it, so your children can know what should be stored inside.
  • Instead of your child dropping all of his dirty clothes on the floor after he wears them, put a laundry basket in his room where he knows all of his clothes should go. This will make it easier for you when you need to wash them, so you don’t have to pick and sort through the clothes to determine what is dirty and what is clean.
  • Teach your children to pick up their toys every single night after they are done playing with them. The reason a room gets so messy is because after toys are played with, they usually just get left behind on the floor and the mess quickly begins to accumulate. If toys are picked up every single night, this will lessen, if not completely eliminate, the mess.
  • When your child has friends over, instead of letting them hang out in the child’s room, take out some toys they can play with and designate an area in the living room or common room where they can play. The reason for this is that when you put two kids together in a child’s room, whether they are boys or girls, they will more than likely pull all the toys off the shelves and create a huge chaotic mess that will take forever to clean up.
  • Pick one day a week when your child performs a full cleaning of his/her room. Have them put their toys in their proper bins, hang all of their clean clothes, fold all of their underwear and night clothes, vacuum or sweep the floor and clean their restroom (if they have one). Many parents, out of frustration, simply clean their child’s room for them. By having your child clean his/her own room, your child will learn about responsibility and about taking care of his/her own things.

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