How to teach a baby to swim

How to teach a baby to swim

Before you begin teaching your baby to swim get them used to the idea of swimming at an early age. Swimming and floats are a good way to start. Spend plenty of time in the water with your baby, and tell him or her that when they learn to swim they will no longer need the floatation device they are using.

When you feel the time is right for your child to swim on his/her own, begin by holding them in your arms and swimming with them. This should encourage your child to want to swim without the aid of a floatation device. If your child shows an interest in learning, then you will know that he/she is ready for the first step.

In the shallow end of the pool hold your baby and ask if he/she is ready to try to swim alone. If the response if yes, explain to your baby that you are going to let them go and that they will go under water. Make sure your baby understands that you will be right there to help them.

When the baby is ready slowly let them go. Of course the first few times you attempt this the baby will sink, pull your baby up right away. If he/she is scared then give it some time before trying this again. If the baby is not scared, then the next time you go swimming or even that same time, when the baby is ready to repeat this step. Over time the baby will grow more confident and more eager to learn.

From using the floatation device your baby should already know that in order to swim they must use their arms and legs. Inform your baby that when you let him/her go you want them to kick there arms and legs so that they will swim. You will find it easier to first teach your baby to swim underwater than on top. Always stay beside the baby. Gradually your baby will learn to swim and to also come up for air as needed.

Once the baby has learned to swim under water and put his/her head up for air, it is time for the next step. Show your baby how to tread water and have them try also. After lots of practice your baby may learn to do this easily, if not that’s ok.

As your baby swims under water and continues to practice treading water with you, he/she will gradually start swimming on top of the water. Before you know it, he/she will be swimming themselves.

Be sure to encourage your baby through the process, let him/her know they are doing a good job. Praising them will only encourage them to continue trying and work harder.

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