How to talk to your child about STDs

How to talk to your child about STDs

For any delicate issue, such as drugs or sex, the best way to talk to your children is when they’€™re young. If they grow up hearing you be frank and honest about things like sex, they are more apt to think of it in terms that don’€™t embarrass them. Kids can embarrass easily, particularly when you wait until your child is a teen and then attempt to talk to them.

Many parents and kids say it’€™s one of the most uncomfortable moments ever. But if a child is used to you being frank about most subjects, the’€™s more likely to listen to you about sex. Up until a child hits the teenage years, they’€™re usually content to take their parent’s advice and talk with their parents about questions they have, but in the teen years, their friends are the ones they normally turn to for advice. You don’€™t want your child to take the advice of another child, so instill your viewpoints on sex in your child at an early age.

If you act uncomfortable or embarrassed when you talk to your child about sex, he’€™s likely to feel embarrassed, too. Instead, speak of the subject as just a fact of life. Let the child know that sex is natural, but can also cause diseases if the people concerned are negligent. Tell the child that different diseases are spread in different ways. Discuss some normal childhood diseases and how they are spread.

Then talk about sexually transmitted diseases and how they spread, also. Describe some of the ailments a person can get from unprotected sex, and how it would affect the person. Use the correct terms during the talk and avoid most slang words or phrases that will only get the child giggling. Talk to them about condoms and tell them that this is the only way to prevent the spread of these diseases, except for abstinence. Let them know that you vote for abstinence until they are older, and why.

Remind kids that one mistake can mean a disease that they might have to live with the rest of their lives, and speak openly about AIDS and the chances of dying from this awful disease, which is spread through unprotected sex. No one wants to instill fear in their child, but some subjects are very scary and sexually transmitted diseases are in that category.

After speaking of the horrors of unprotected sex, talk to the child about the wonderful, loving relationship that sexual partners have when they’€™re monogamous or have protected sex. Most coins have two sides, and you want to show the child not just the ugly side, but the beautiful side, too.

Don’€™t play both sides of the fence and treat the girl like sex is off limits, but treat your boy like it’€™s okay to ‘€œgo get ‘€˜em, tiger’€. Teach them that sexually transmitted diseases do not play favorites to race, origin or gender. Don’€™t talk to your child about refraining from sex, all the while you’€™re dating a new person each month.

Be frank with your child when talking to them about STD’€™s, but let them know when they’€™re older, that you are willing to help them get protection if they’€™ve decided the time is right for them to have sex. If you don’€™t, chances are they’€™ll have sex anyway, for which all of you could be sorry later.

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