How to take care of your jewelry

How to take care of your jewelry

The trick to keeping jewelry at its best is keeping it clean. If jewelry is left for years or even months without a good cleaning or brushing, it can look dull and uninviting. Keep it looking brand new with these simple steps:

For Starters

Separate your good (real) jewelry from your costume jewelry. If you have two jewelry boxes use both of them for this purpose. Make sure your jewelry is organized by kind. Keep bracelets with bracelets and rings with rings, etc. Be sure to check your necklace collection from time to time. Necklaces tend to get entwined with other necklaces. It can be a very frustrating task to untangle them if they get entwined. If you have the type of jewelry box that allows you to “hang” necklaces, this is probably the most sensible way to deal with necklaces and beads.

Types of Jewelry Cleaners

There are generally four to five “types” of jewelry cleaners: chemical (from jewelry store), cloth, natural/store bought, and good old-fashioned toothpaste. Out of all of these types of cleaners, toothpaste is the most inexpensive and effective. Plus, toothpaste will not harm any type of jewelry in any way. If it’s good enough for your pearly whites, then it’s good enough for your gems. It has also been recommended on home shopping clubs that sell jewelry and as a “jewelry tip.”

Caring for Rings

Rings are very noticeable and precious. Sometimes, you will see that your gem or stone is getting “cloudy” and unnoticeable. This is the result of hand creams, dirt, lint and soap buildup. It happens to almost all rings and can be easily reversed. If you have a pearl, mother of pearl, or opal stone do not immerse it in the chemical cleansers; natural stones should not be immersed this way. A good jewelry cloth bought from your jewelers is probably the best bet. All other rings, diamonds, or faux gems may be put into cleaners or scrubbed with a small brush covered in toothpaste. Rinse well with cold water. Also, if using a jewelry cleaner, make sure you rinse well with water when you’re through. Any cleaner residue will definitely “yellow” your stones.

Caring for Necklaces

Necklaces probably take the most work to clean and make bright again. It’s because they tend to be intricate in design or just plain delicate. The best bet for necklaces is a cloth or jewelry cleaner. A jewerly cleaner makes it easier to clean all the parts you want to. But, it doesn’t allow you to buff up the necklace and make it shine again. This is where the cloth comes in. Either way, this takes some work and a small set of fingers. The smaller the better. It is a detailed job that offers some nice rewards if done right. Use both the cloth and cleaner if needed.

Caring for Bracelets

Bracelets tend not to get very dirty or discolored. The problem with bracelets is that they typically tend to get scratched, dented, or bent. Just be careful with your bracelets. If you tend to be hard on your jewelry, try looking into purchasing the “flexible” types of bracelets that move with you.

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