How to Take Care of a Goldfish

The goldfish is one of the most common and rewarding household pets in America. It is easy to take care of goldfish and they do not require very much space. They can live for several years (even ten years is not an uncommon amount of time) if taken care of properly. If you want to keep a goldfish bowl with goldfish, there are some basic purchases you will have to make. You will need to make the followings items available to the gold fish: the gold fish bowl, food, water filter (clean water), aerator, fish net, thermometer and “aged” water.

For the round bowl, the gold fish most suitable is the Oranda, Black Moor, Bubble Eye and Lionhead. The other types of gold fish will to better in larger rectangular aquariums. Buy any gold fish bowl that will give your fish plenty of space to swim, and the ability to hide as well. Consult the local pet store when you are purchasing the gold fish to make sure that the bowl is large enough for your new fish.

Gold fish should be fed at least twice a day. All the food should be consumed in about five to ten minutes, if there is more food left over, you are overfeeding the fish. The left over food will only cloud and pollute the water making it harder for you to clean the aquarium as well. Gold fish will eat almost everything, but for beginners it is suggested that they start off with pre-packaged fish foods. Buy food that is specifically made for goldfish since this will be tailored to provide him with the correct balance of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and protein.

The water filter is not really necessary for the fish bowl, unless it is very large. The filter will make it easier for the fish owner to maintain and clean the aquarium. There are external box filters that will not take up any of the room inside the aquarium, which are suited most to a gold fish bowl, but as mentioned above they are not really necessary. To keep the water clean, you should empty half the tank out and refill it with aged water back to the 2/3 mark.

Aeration is not needed in a goldfish bowl, since the movement of the fish circulates the water. To enable the goldfish to aerate the water by its movements the fishbowl should only be filled a little more than halfway. Then there is a large surface area exposed at the mouth of the fishbowl to enable oxygen to enter the water. To help the fish even more and make the fishbowl more pleasing to the eye, a natural plant is a great idea.

The fishnet is needed to transfer the goldfish out of the bowl into a temporary container filled with water while cleaning the fishbowl. The cleaning of the bowl should not be done until the water gets cloudy. But every two weeks you should empty out half of the water and refill it up to a bit over one half as mentioned above.

If the bowl is getting dirty, transfer the fish with the water and any real plants into a large bowl or bucket. Wash the rocks, gravel, sand, and fake plants with water and salt. Use no detergent unless it is from the pet store and specifically designed for cleaning fish bowls. Fill the bowl back up with the aged water. Arrange all the items in the bowl and last transfer the fish with the net.

The water should be of good quality. If you are in doubt, ask the local pet store if the tap water in your area is suitable for goldfish. If not, there are tablets that you can add to water to purify it or to get rid of excess chlorine. If you are using tap water, let the faucet run for at least one minute to let most of the chemicals dissipate. Then place the water into a bucket and leave it out overnight so it will lose all the chlorine to the air and so that it will be the same temperature as the water the goldfish is used to. This is called aged water. The fish will live at room temperature, and generally, any temperature between 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 68 degrees Fahrenheit is best.

Watch the gold fish at least a few hours on every day to get to know him better and to be able to spot any diseases he might have. If you think the fish is going to jump out of the tank, you should make a small lid for the aquarium to keep the fish inside. Use a soft wire mesh that is woven very tightly like mosquito netting on windows to cover the tank. Then air can still enter it and the fish will be able to breathe. If you think that your goldfish is behaving in an odd way, bring him to the pet store immediately to get help for you little friend. Good luck with your new pet!

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