How to Surprise Someone on Their Birthday ideas

The easiest way to surprise someone for their birthday is to plan a party outside of the honoree’s home. There are many places where you can hold such an event, such as restaurants, party centers, or another person’s home. You can then surprise the birthday person by bringing them there at the appointed time. You can tell them that just the two of you are going out.

Here are some ideas you can use at any budget level.

Pizza parlor party: The key to doing a surprise party in a restaurant is that it has to be accomplished with minimal fuss and disturbance. You can also keep it inexpensive by renting a place that is not well known as a party place. For my son’s last birthday, I asked the local pizzeria if I could have his party there. I assured them that it would be no more than 15 people, and they were glad to accommodate me.

I arrived 15 minutes early, pulled three tables together, and laid craft paper across them. I then spread out magic markers so the guests could write birthday greetings and draw pictures. We used an area off to the side that had its own TV, so we turned to cartoon network. These activities kept the kids occupied until everyone had arrived. The area we occupied also housed the video games, so we supplied thirty dollars in quarters and let the kids play games while the pizza was prepared.

Once we served and devoured the pizza we had cake and sang happy birthday, and opened presents. We brought the cake from home and I decorated it with crushed Oreos and Gummy Worms. Instead of party hats, we used sun visors that I purchased for $1.00 each and hand-painted the number 10 on them. For giveaways, I filled snack cups with brown M&Ms and added more gummy worms.

The party was a low fuss, and it was easy to clean up and leave the restaurant as we found it. The best part was that the entire party cost only $100.00. This party will work well for a boy of any age. For a big boy or a big budget, you can rent out a sports bar during off-hours and have a private party.

Painting pottery: For a girl’s party aged 5-10, you can have a pottery painting party. There are several pottery painting shops throughout the city that will glaze the pieces after your guest paint them. The center usually controls the party so you are able to sit back and enjoy it. Some will allow you to bring your own cake and some will supply it for you. This kind of party can cost anywhere from fifteen to forty dollars a person depending on the pottery studio. For my daughter’s last birthday, I did a similar party but had a tight budget, so I decided to throw the party at home.

I covered my dining room with white painters tarp, (table and floor) and moved the chairs out of the way. I supplied acrylic enamel paints, stamps, and glass bowls for the children to paint and they had a ball. When they were done painting, I had them watch TV while I rolled up the tarps (to clean up the paintbrushes, etc later) and reset the table for pizza and cake. We supplied goodie bags with Old Maid card games, rings, and candy to take home. This party cost approximately 100.00. For the surprise effect, Daddy took her out for a birthday breakfast while I set up and her friends arrived.

For an older woman, I suggest using an art studio of some sort and surprise the birthday girl by having all of her friends there when she arrives.

You can turn any favorite activity into a surprise birthday party. Take advantage of the person’s favorite hobbies or pastimes and invite friends to share the event with them. This way you can throw a birthday party that the guest of honor will always remember. The guests will get a change to share in a favorite activity of theirs as well. You can have a bowling party for a bowler.

For a gardener, have a gardening party where everyone brings plants and works together in the garden. You can even have a skydiving party if your guest of honor is a daredevil. The key to this type of party is to know what the honoree loves doing best and secretly invite all of their friends along.