How to support a nonprofit organization

support a nonprofit organization

Non-profit organizations typically operate on a small budget and rely heavily on community donations of time, money, and skills. If you would like to get involved with a favorite charity or social service agency, give some thought to helping out in the following ways:

  1. Make a financial donation. When you come into an unexpected windfall, earmark it for a favorite charity or service group. Or have a small amount like $10 deducted automatically from your paycheck; you’ll never miss it. Encourage your kids to set aside a small portion of allowance or earnings to help others too. You will receive both a blessing in terms of helping others and a tax deduction as a personal benefit. More importantly, your donation can help to improve the lives of those who are struggling with difficult circumstances.
  1. Offer a special skill. If you can use the computer efficiently, organize healthy meals, sew children’s clothes, or do something that not everyone else can do, offer to teach a workshop, run a class, or sponsor a session at a local service agency. The staff will be happy to arrange a time and promote the event so interested people who can benefit from your talent will sign up. Even if you can’t pass it on to a group of others, doing some typing or computer work for an agency or supervising clients’ children while parents fill out forms is a gift in itself. Your resources can help in many ways.
  2. Promote an agency in your neighborhood. Offer to collect donations for the March of Dimes or the American Heart Association. Participate in a Labor of Love walk-a-thon or Muscular Dystrophy “jailbird” event. Becoming a visible representative of a cause you believe in may encourage your neighbors and co-workers to get involved as well. You also can send out fliers or make phone calls to alert others to upcoming events and make them aware of your involvement, which may invite their participation.
  3. Volunteer to assist with a special program. If an organization sponsors an annual dress ball, fund-raiser, or silent auction, for example, offer to help on a one-time basis rather than all year long if that better suits your schedule. You need not make a long-term commitment, and the agency, along with its clients, will benefit from your donation of time and effort. You may be able to offer advice over the phone or show up for an hour of decorating for the event. Anything you can do will be appreciated.
  4. Suggest a new idea or project. If you think of something that might help a charitable organization, contact the responsible person in charge, and make your recommendation. Chances are the idea that will be considered and your creativity will be appreciated. Then, if adopted, offer to print fliers, staff a booth, or participate in some meaningful way to get it started.

Whatever your time constraints, financial limitations, or schedule demands, there are plenty of ways to support a local non-profit organization. If you’re not sure, contact the agency and ask where help is needed. Then choose a task that fits your lifestyle. Thanks for asking!

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