How to supercharge your child’s self-esteem

How to supercharge your child's self-esteem

Does your child suffer from low self-esteem?

A child’s self-esteem is very easily damaged. However, the damage doesn’t need to be permanent. You can help build your child’s self-esteem with these simple, easy to implement ideas.

Write a letter.

So many times, we forget to notice the small things that make someone special. Take the time to write your child a letter. Tell him all of the things about him that make you proud and happy to have him in your life. For instance, you can say that the way he is willing to help with chores, does his homework, and is so polite all make you proud. If he has any skills or talents, mention those, as well.

Too easy, Mom.

Pick a chore that is very simple. Make sure your child can successfully complete it with no problems before assigning it but make sure it is a real chore. When the chore is completed, tell the child how helpful it was to have him do the chore and what a great job he did.

I can do it myself.

Let your child complete a task when he says he can do it himself or shows interest in doing it. Let him try, and then, if he asks for help, give it to him, but praise the job he did so far.

Helping others can help you.

Have your child with low self-esteem help a sibling complete a task that is hard for his sibling, but easy for him. For example, children with reading disabilities feel terrific when they are able to read an easy reader book to someone who is younger.

Look for good.

Praise something your child does right. Even a simple task, such as tying shoes or completing a school assignment, deserves acknowledgment. Once your child’s self-esteem gets a little better, be careful you don’t praise him too much for basic things.

Look for the absence of bad behavior.

Praise your child for things that he has stopped doing wrong. For example, if you are trying to stop your child from leaving the yard alone, you could say, I noticed you didn’t open the gate and run out into the driveway without Mommy, Sam. That’s wonderful.

Independence builds self esteem.

If your child is constantly depending on you to do everything, encourage him to try tasks himself or to help you complete them, but don’t let him be completely dependant on you.

Drop a note.

Leave a short note on the bathroom mirror or in a bag lunch. Just something short and simple, such as I’m proud of you, can boost self-esteem.

Learn something new.

When children learn a new skill, they have something new to be proud of. Low-pressure sports teams are a great way to get your child motivated and the skills he learns will give him something to be proud of. If your child does not like sports, try helping him learn a new craft, such as pottery or knitting.

Love conquers all.

The most important way to build your child’s self-esteem is to always show love. No matter how disappointed you are in your child’s behavior, make sure he knows that you still love him.

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