How to style box braids for work

style braid box for work
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Braids, braids, and more braids. We are so happy about this! There are so many options for braiding your hair and we are going to explain How to style box braids for work today.

The best part is, of course, that you can braid yourself. There are so many ways to braid, from simple to quite complicated. Let’s not forget the beginners, so we’ll start with a ‘regular’ three-strand braid for working women.

4 Regular professional styles for box braids

inside braid Outside braid
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1 inside braid; the braid in the hair

You can best practice this by making a ponytail first and dividing your hair into 3 strands. You take an outer strand – it doesn’t matter which side you start with – and then you put that strand over the middle strand.

Left strand to the right, right strand to the left, etc. So you continuously lay the outermost strand over the middle strand. You will see that you have made a braid very quickly. If we go a step further, we will braid.


Tip: practice this on someone else’s hair first! You basically do the same as with a regular braid, only then do you take a tuft from the left and right each time. You start out as a regular braid, but to braid then you let some of the hair loose.

Start: left over right, right over left, and then you take a small tuft on the left and do it again on the right. On the right, you do exactly the same. And so on until the bottom of the braid.

2 Outside braid; the braid on the hair

The outside braid is almost the same as the inside braid, but with the outside braid, the braid is on your hair instead of in it.

With the inside braid, you put all the strands from above on top of each other. With the outside braid, you do this exactly the other way around; each crop passes under the outside braid the others. So left bottom right, right bottom left; et voila.

You start with a very small piece of braiding. Choose the side you like best to start with. What you do is – if you start with the left – continue with the left section under the middle section and then with the right again under the middle section.

If you have made a start with this, you will pick up a tuft of everything. Each time you pull this under the middle section and repeat this until you have finished the braid.

Note: Most people are used to doing the inside braid, so be very careful not to accidentally make a wrong pull in between.

3 Herringbone braid

Herringbone braid

This braid is sometimes a bit difficult to braid in tightly, but it helps that it should actually fall a bit looser. Not familiar with this braid yet? Start practicing from a tail. herringbone braid

Divide the hair into 2 strands (!) and take a thin section from the left section at the back and add it from the front to the right side. Then take a tuft on the right side and pull it through the front to the left side.

From the back outside to the inside, etc. This is how you finish the entire braid. And don’t pull the braid too tight, a herringbone braid is meant to be loose. For a playful effect you can also choose to pull some tufts loose(ser) (start at the bottom).

4 Waterfall braid

Waterfall Wrap Around French Braid,

Start braiding your hair as you always do (in the normal way), but on the side of the head. Braid until the left or right strand of hair is almost at the center of the head.

Now you move on to the French braiding technique. Note: After you’ve had the first trick, start a second trick with the left strand. Once the left strand is in the middle, let the right strand hang.

waterfall braid You now take a new tuft next to it, this is now your replacement right strand. Place this over the middle, and then place the left tuft over the middle again. If the left strand is in the middle, let the right strand hang again and take a new strand.

In short: you let the right strand fall hang after the left strand has become the middle one. Continue braiding until you can’t go any further. Secure the braid with a slider or choose to finish it with a regular braid.

We hope every braid style is now easy for you during the workweek. now you can look professional with box braid style. Do you have any questions or would you like to see another braid as a how-to? Let us know. Then we will arrange that for you! Have fun braiding ladies.

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