How To Store Your Makeup Properly

How To Store Your Makeup Properly

Proper storage of cosmetics is essential to the life and quality of the products. Improperly stored cosmetics deteriorate at a rapid rate, which can be costly as well as unhealthy. It is also wise to organize and store makeup so it’s easier to find and use when in a hurry and to effectively save much-needed space.

There are makeup storage boxes available that have plenty of room for everything from eye shadow to implements such as eyebrow tweezers. These containers resemble fishing tackle boxes and have compartments to separate various products and tools. They typically have more than one tier, and the compartments slide open so items in the bottom of the box can be easily reached.

These types of boxes are nice because not only are they a great tool of organization, their hard outer shells protect the contents and lockout damaging moisture. They’re available in an array of colors and designs. Another plus is the fact that these types of cosmetic cases are convenient to take on vacations and overnight excursions.

Boxes especially made for cosmetics are often quite expensive. You can use an ordinary fishing tackle box to store your cosmetics. Fishing tackle boxes are available in all sizes, prices, and colors. They are made of durable plastic, and they are very easy to clean. Some are available with clear lids so you can easily see the contents of the box at first glance.

The introduction of dampness and moisture is most often the means by which cosmetics go bad. Moisture and humidity will cause the composition of pressed powder, powdered blush, and powdered eye shadow to change. It will typically become crumbly and soft. Lipstick, cover sticks, cream eye shadows, and eyeliners can become moldy and unhealthy to use.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to store cosmetics somewhere other than the bathroom. Because of hot baths, showers, and sudden temperature changes, the bathroom is by far the most humid room in the average home. The best place to store cosmetics is in a bedroom that is not connected to a bathroom, or in a storage cabinet in another room with consistently low humidity.

Another idea for effectively storing cosmetics is within an organizer intended for kitchen utensils. This storage compartment can be placed in the drawer of a desk or a dresser, and cosmetics can be separated for ease of use. Store lipsticks with lip liners and conditioners. Store eye shadow in a compartment by itself. Store eyeliner in a compartment with mascara.

Store pressed powder in a compartment with a cover-up stick and foundation. Blush can be stored in a compartment by itself. Keep makeup brushes in another compartment where they are easily accessible. In time you will recall where each item is stored, and if you consistently put them back in their proper places, you will be able to find them quickly and easily.

Some people prefer to use small woven baskets or small plastic baskets to organize and store cosmetics. If you’re limited on drawer space, small woven baskets are a good choice. They are decorative and serve a valuable purpose. Small plastic baskets that snap together are another good choice because they can be designed into a storage unit to meet your specific needs.

Remember that the key to storing cosmetics properly is to avoid moisture, humidity, and extreme temperature changes. Keep your makeup well organized in the right environmental conditions, and you will save money, time, and you won’t have to worry about the potential health hazards of improperly stored cosmetics.

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