How to stop spam emails on an AOL mail account

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Tips for Spam Control Using AOL 9.0

There is nothing more frustrating than opening up your emails to find dozens of unsolicited emails touting miracle cures, ways to get out of debt, or how to claim your million dollars. Instead of reading the emails that are important to you, you are forced to wade through your virtual junk mail.

America Online Version 9.0 has wonderful tools built into their software to help manage this flow of junk emails known as spasm. With the the click of your mouse, you can forever change the way you receive email through their service.

Reporting Spam

An easy feature of AOL is its Report Spam button. Once you open your email, look towards the bottom of the window. If you know that an email is unwanted and unsolicited, and don’t want to risk infection to your computer by opening it, highlight the email by clicking on it once, and click on Report Spam. AOL then receives a message about this sender and the sender’s domain.

Also, America Online has a zero tolerance program for fraudulent emails. If you receive an email from someone claiming to be from AOL, asking you to update your billing, confirm your bank account number, give your password, etc., check it out with AOL before you respond. AOL 9.0 has a Live Chat feature that can be accessed by searching for Keyword Billing.

Setting Spam Controls

AOL 9.0 gives users the ability to filter their email messages. Take a look at the many spam emails you’ve received and made a list of words that seem to be a common denominator. Some examples include credit, debit, enhancement, herbal, free, girls, sale, etc. The next step is to decide what words, whether in the title or the body of the message, that you find offense. Add these words to your list, and get ready to take control!

1) Click on Spam Control at the bottom of your email window. Or, enter Keyword Spam.
2) Mail and Spam Control Window will open.
3) Select the screen name for which you are setting the filter. This is a powerful parental control tool, as well, if you are setting the filter for a young user.
4) The first column is Control Who I Get Mail From. You can select to:
Allow mail from all senders.

Allow mail from only AOL members

Allow mail only from the People I Know. This option allows you to list those people from whom you want to accept the email. All other people will be blocked. Although this is a nice safety option for a child, it is not recommended for people who receive a business email at an AOL address as you won’t get the email until you add them to your People I Know List.

Block mail from all senders so that no emails are received.

Use a Customer Sender List. By clicking on the Customer Sender List link users are able to either block all senders and domains listed below or allow only the sends and domains listed by the user. Be sure to click on Save to keep your changes; or

Block mail with pictures or files.

5) At this point, you can decide whether to permanently delete the blocked mail, or send it to a Spam Folder. You can view the Spam Folder at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Email window, or entering Keyword Spam Folder. The folder gives users the option of returning a blocked email to their email listing to read it by clicking on a This Is Not Spam button.
6) Users can also click on a box in the Mail and Spam Control window to use AOL’s Advanced Spam Filter which moves filtered emails into the Spam Folder.
7) The last option in this window is to block mail that contains words and phrases from your Custom Word List. Click on Custom Word List, and add the common spam words and other unwanted words to decrease the amount of spam and unwanted mail.

AOL members can update their spam controls continuously, turn spam controls off and on, and add new words or domains to help manage the constant flow of spam that email users are subjected to.

When you couple this with the strength of their parental controls, the email and spam filters can be a safety feature for those users who have children using AOL. In any case, it certainly makes it a lot easier to read the email you want to read!

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