How to stop procrastination

How to stop procrastination

Procrastination can sneak up and take over our daily lives in the form of unpaid bills, dirty dishes, laundry, and little chores we have to do before the day ends. Even our dreams and goals take the backseat once the procrastination blues get a hold of us.

The more we put off doing things, the more we get ourselves into the procrastination rut. In effect, procrastination becomes a life pattern, a habit, that greatly deters us from achieving anything.
How do we stop procrastination? How can we change this pattern of constantly procrastinating? Here are some tips.

Let’s get down to some serious soul-searching. Perhaps the reason why we procrastinate is we have our plate so full, we don’t know which one to do first. We might be juggling a career, taking care of children and husband. We don’t know which ones to prioritize, or we try to do all these things at the same time, we end up not accomplishing anything at all.

After our soul-searching, it’s time to prioritize. Sometimes, we have to give up or put some things on hold so we can concentrate on accomplishing more important or urgent matters. By prioritizing, we will be able to achieve more.

There is nothing wrong with seeking help from family and friends. We can’t do everything alone. We might discover that we are able to accomplish tasks more quickly if someone is helping us. Our family and friends might even appreciate the fact the we need them.

Alongside prioritization, organization is the key to accomplishing more and beating those procrastination blues. Let’s face it, we aren’t really motivated to do anything if disorganized piles of work are staring at us in the face. The most we can do perhaps is straighten a pile here, straighten a pile there, but never really get to finish anything. So set aside a day or two to clean up, organize everything, and then with your priority list, start working!

So let’s put these tips into action and in no time at all, we’ll be sending those procrastination blues out the door for good!

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