How to start your own paper recycling business

paper recycling

Those who choose to sell newspapers are making $100.000 a year or more in the profession.

There really isn’t any equipment needed, but it might make your life easier if you have a pickup truck or a trailer, which you can pull along behind your car.

Recycling centers are paying a good amount of money for used/old newspapers. Used newspapers are worth $50 plus per ton; used cardboard is commanding $75; high-grade office paper is worth $2120 per ton. The amount you will receive depends on how well a person is organized and how much time is spent on building the business.

The world we live in is made up of paper. Americans consume 200 million tons of paper a year. Of the 200 million that we use 100 million tons of that paper can be reused.

Every week you could easily make $300 plus and it will not take that much time. To start collecting it is good to have a space to store the goods until you are ready to haul all your stacks of paper to the recycling center.

After you have space to store the paper, you need to find out how to get the paper. You may want to hire some people to go around and collect the paper for you. You may also want to call organizations and offer to pay them for collecting newspapers for you. Doing this will eliminate you from doing the work yourself.

If you decide to have a paper route, you should decide to go to certain streets on certain days at least twice a week. Doing this will be helpful to you; some homeowners will even leave stacks of papers waiting for you. One of the key things for you to do is to have people provide recyclable paper goods for you. You can get many stacks of papers from stores and businesses close to each other. By doing this you can go every two blocks collecting papers by the forth or six-block you could easily have a ton of paper or more.

Once you have your routes set up, you can hire others to collect the papers. You can even have sets of teams covering multiple areas. By having others work for you this leaves you with extra spear time. In order to gain costumers, it may help you if you buy the biggest ad that you can afford in the yellow pages. You may also want to put an ad in your local newspaper. These ads will attract costumers and increase your wealth.

There are just a few basic tools in helping you to start your own paper recycling business. It is key to be organized in this business, and some oomph on your part. Starting out, your time will also be key to your success. If you use the steps in this article there is no reason why it shouldn’t be making a comfy profit from your recycling business

basic tools

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