How to Start Your online Movie Renting Store

How renting dvd's online works

Are you sick and tired of running to the video store, through snow, sleet, and rain, the weekend after weekend for your entertainment? Rent videos online and you will only have to worry about making it to the mailbox and back. Sign up at the online video store of your choice, choose a password, then make a list of movies that you want to see. Many stores have tens of thousands to choose from, so you should not have much trouble making the list. Make sure you understand the terms of the contract, as some online video stores only allow you to receive movies that have been released for awhile, and not the brand new releases. And, just because a new release is on your list does not mean you will see it any time soon. The demand for these is high, and the movies are usually chosen randomly for mailing.

Some places offer to let you try the services for a couple of weeks before actually paying for it. Usually, you will give a credit card number, and unless you cancel the free trial, your credit card will be billed for the upcoming month. The charge can run anywhere from $15 to $25 per month, depending upon which place you choose. Many of these places charge sales tax which is added to the monthly payment. You can usually cancel the free membership by making a simple toll-free phone call or going online to the web site and notifying them of cancellation.

After making the list of movies you whoud like to see, the online video store will send you three of them to view, for as long as you wish. After you’ve sent them back, usually in a pre-paid envelope which accompanies your first selection, you will be sent three more to view. You don’t have to send all three movies back at one time. You can also send one movie back, and the video store will send you one more.

The convenience of having the movies arrive in your mailbox is worth paying for, but not being able to select which movie you want to watch when, is a little bit of a set back. Some places offer the same deal on games, where you can receive three and keep them as long as you wish, then trade them for three more.

Most of the online video stores have shipping departments across the nation, so the movies you order show up within a couple of days of shipment, but some companies drag their feet when sending out the next shipping, preventing you from receiving the maximum amount for the month. Reputable companies send them next selection right out, allowing you to view up to 12 movies or more each month.

Some hometown video stores are now online, so check to see if your favorite video store has an online shop, and whether or not they have a program to send you video rentals through the mail. Some even allow a monthly check to be sent, rather than having to put up a credit card for billing purposes.

When you are a member of an online video store, you can cancel the membership at any time, but read the FAQs about the membership before signing up and when ready to cancel, to be sure you have done it properly, or you are likely to see the charge appear on your card the next month.


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