How to start a nonprofit support group

How to start a nonprofit support group

Starting a non-profit support group can be one of the most satisfying experiences of your life.

Helping others is always a gift to society, so give it your best and watch the world around me better for your dedication.

First, decide what kind of group you want to form. Either generalized or specific group ideas can work out. Just depends on how many people you want to attend and if the group is for support of affected individuals only or perhaps, for interested professionals or other business members in the community.

For example, if you want to form a group that supports mothers with twins, triplets, or more, you are looking to gain the attention of parents going through similar situations with their multiples and who will meet monthly or more for support in parenting or pregnancy. A more specific group in the same area would be a multiples task force which aims to attract professionals in the medical community who want to educate the public on issues like preterm labor and meet to discuss information families of multiples are receiving on pregnancy and parenting so the community is offering consistent information.

Once you decide where your focus is you can begin organizing members. Decide how often you will be meeting, where you will be meeting and what the goal of the group is. With that mind, the local newspaper is often a good place to start putting in public service announcements to encourage people to attend. You could even ask if the paper would put an announcement prominently displayed by local news rather than in the monthly meeting schedule. This will get more attention until more people know about your new group.

Also, asking businesses to put up announcements on bulletin boards can be appropriate too. A doctor’s office or health department is a great place to announce your multiples meetings or invite doctors and other health care professionals to your multiples task force meetings.

At your first meeting, depending on how many people show up, you can proceed with deciding who will be in charge, such as a president, and who might want to take on secretarial tasks like sending out meeting reminders and taking meeting minutes when appropriate.

Many non-profit support groups also need to organize fundraising activities so they can keep their group alive, so always be brainstorming for possibilities with that so your hard work in starting the group isn’t gone to waste.

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