How to soothe a teething baby at night

It can be heartbreaking to watch your baby suffer through his first set of teeth. Teething causes such a wide variety of symptoms, it seems as though every infant illness can be attributed to it if the doctor is so inclined. If your baby has a runny nose, he’s teething.

If the baby is rubbing his ears, teething. If your baby is cranky, won’t sleep or won’t eat, you guessed it, he’s teething. There’s no doubt about it, teething is painful. Sharp tiny invaders are forcing their way through your baby’s gums where there was previously no opening.

Sort of like having a baby through your belly button! While there is nothing you can do to avoid these milestones, not that you would want to if you want your baby to be able to chew food, there are some things you can do to ease his suffering.

The best remedy for teething is something cold to chew on. You can give your baby a plastic teething ring that is filled with water that you have chilled in the refrigerator, but if your baby is like mine, he won’t want to have anything to do with that funny-looking thing that is cold to hold. Another choice is ice pops.

You can get sugar free ice pops if you are worried about your baby’s sugar intake and you can hold the pop for him while he happily chews away. This will give relief for a short time. Something hard to gnaw on can also give relief from the counter pressure, make sure the baby has plenty of chew toys.

Over the counter teething gels really don’t seem to be very effective as they numb the surface of the gums but don’t do much about the paint underneath. If these gels work for you, use them, but the effects will be short term at best. When your baby is especially cranky, you can try some infant Tylenol or infant Motrin, ask your pediatrician for the correct dosage.

Teething seems to get easier after the first set come through, but it is still painful, so your are in for the long haul for the next two years. Soothe your baby and don’t worry too much about his appetite, it will return once those pearly whites pop through!

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