How to soften feet overnight

How to soften feet overnight

Most people experience rough feet at some time in their lives. Going barefoot and wearing sandals or thongs can make feet even rougher. Dry weather is also a main cause of rough feet. Cracked, peeling skin is unattractive and many times can also be very painful. Rough feet do not have to plague you for the rest of your life.

A few simple techniques and a little time each day will give exceptional results. Feet that are very rough and have been for a long time may take a little longer but within a few days, you will begin to see results if these simple steps are followed.

A wonderful tool in making rough feet smooth is a pumice stone. These come in many shapes and sizes. The beauty industry now makes many different types. The basic pumice stone can be found in a hardware store or in the cleaning section of a grocery store and is relatively inexpensive compared to the beauty pumice appliances

If feet are very dry, cracked and rough, use caution when you use a pumice stone. It can be painful if you rub too hard. A pumice stone can be used on wet or dry feet. Begin by using it on dry feet. With a back and forth motion, rub the pumice stone over rough heals or balls of your feet. Do not rub hard, just rub lightly back and forth. It will work like sand paper, taking off layers of rough skin. Don’t try and do it all in one day, just begin for a few minutes.

Next, in a tub of water with a little liquid soap in it, or in the bathtub, soak your feet for at least five minutes. Wash well with a soap-filled washcloth.

Once again using the pumice bar, repeat the back and forth motion very lightly. This will take off skin much faster so be very careful. Don’t try to make your feet perfectly smooth the first time. You may take off too much skin and cause more problems. Depending on the roughness of the feet, if your feet are not dry and cracked, you can easily make them soft with a pumice bar in one use.

Dry feet well. If you are going to bed, cover the foot with a light coating of petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Carefully put on a sock. This will need to be an old sock that you no longer care about. A thick sock also works better. The thickness helps the vaseline not leak out to the sheets. Do the same procedure on the other foot. Sleep overnight with the socks on. If you are not going to bed, rub your feet with a non-greasy lotion and put your shoes on as usual.

Repeating this entire procedure two or three times a week; with help your feet become smooth and attractive. With a little constant effort, feet need not be rough.


An added note, people who wear shoes and socks all of their waking hours have incredibly soft feet. This is the best way to never get rough feet.

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