How to soften feet overnight

How to soften feet overnight

The feet are usually the great forgotten of daily care. And it is a big mistake because you also have to pay attention to them and not only in summer when they show off in sandals. In the winter it is also important that you take care of them because the skin dries out, which facilitates the appearance of hardness and that aspect of the dry and rough dermis.

Keeping them in perfect condition or recovering their good appearance is not that complicated. It can be achieved with simple gestures. In one Howto guide, we are going to tell you how to smooth rough feet in a simple and fast way.

Soften your feet with a pumice stone

The pumice is a great ally, whether you want to keep and regain smooth skin. It is important that you use it at least once a week to rub the parts of the foot that look drier to remove dead cells. Among them, for example, are the heels or the part of the sole of the foot.

It is always important that you use it with damp or wet feet so that it is easier to remove the dead skin. In the event that there is a lot of dryness, it is advisable that you leave your feet submerged in water for a period of time, about 10 minutes so that they soften. Then, you only have to rub until the hardness and those dry skin disappear.

Use Moisturizing creams to soften your feet

In addition to removing dead skin cells from your feet, it is important to always apply good hydration because it is what allows you to nourish the skin, eliminate roughness and prevent it from reappearing. Here you have many options depending on whether your feet only need hydration, also nourish, eliminate cracks, and so on.

Whatever your need, it is always good to apply moisturizing creams that are specific for the feet because their composition is already prepared to respond to the demands of this dermis. However, you can also use the moisturizer that you apply to the body, although sometimes it will not be enough.

Very effective are all those creams that contain aloe vera or urea, which are the ones with the greatest moisturizing power, as well as those that contain glycerin. Another alternative is to put petroleum jelly directly and even a little olive oil if you prefer to use natural products.

Natural remedies to smooth your feet fast

Getting the feet not rough is also possible with natural remedies. One of the most advisable is to prepare a lemon bath for the feet. It is very simple:

  • Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon.
  • Add the juice mixed with water and a little sugar in a container or basin in which you will immerse your feet.
  • Submerge your feet so that they are completely covered by the lemon water.
  • If you prefer, you can use this mixture to massage them.

Honey is another beneficial product for the skin of this part of the body. In this case, you can apply it directly or mixed with water to immerse your feet in a container with this solution.

Use Masks to soften your feet

Masks are not exclusive to the face or hair, as they also work with the feet and other parts of the body. Apart from the specific products available in cosmetic or beauty stores, you can prepare them at home with natural products.

Among the most effective is the cucumber mask, which is made by blending it and adding a little lemon and honey. The use is like a facial or capillary. You have to spread it over the feet and let it act for about 20 minutes to remove it, then with warm water.

With the avocado mask, you also get good results. Its preparation is also very easy since you just have to peel the avocado, chop it and mix it with natural yogurt until you have a homogeneous paste. Then there is only its application like any other mask, for the same time as the previous one, 20 minutes .

There are different options that you have to end the roughness of the skin. Any of them will be very useful to you. In addition, if you have very dry skin, you can combine several solutions or treatments, such as the use of pumice stone, a mask, and hydration.

We hope we have explained well how to soften rough feet. But, above all, it is very important that you do not forget to be constant. It is better that you introduce these cares in your beauty routines because this will make it easier for you to do them periodically.

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