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Most modern women try to get rid of excess Vagina Pubic Hair. According to Experts. To permanently cope with the problem, you can take various salon hair removal courses, which are not cheap, are not suitable for everyone, and may have side effects. The simplest and most affordable method of hair removal is shaving. But it also has drawbacks: after the blade is applied to the delicate area of the bikini, your inner lips, the skin is often irritated, sore, and itchy, ingrown hairs may appear. How can I avoid this?

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The right razor

One of the primary conditions for a comfortable shave is a properly selected razor. Today it is easy to find sets of razors specially designed for hair removal in the intimate area. Sometimes women prefer to use small trimmers (even men’s beard trimmers are suitable), they cope with the task quickly and irritate the skinless, unlike conventional shaving machines.

You can find trimmers that are specially designed to remove hair in the bikini area. Such devices, as a rule, are more expensive than conventional ones. They are produced in different shapes and sizes so that you can choose the most suitable trimmer for the individual characteristics of the body. When using electrical appliances in the bathroom, you need to remember safety precautions and do not allow them to come into contact with water.

Approximately after the 3-4 shave, disposable machines should be thrown out. Old razors can cause infections and severe skin irritation. To ensure that the blade lasts as long as possible, after each use, it should be thoroughly rinsed in warm or hot water, then gently pat dry with a towel. If you leave the blades dirty and wet, they are more likely to lose their properties. It is better to store them outside the shower or bath area, since heat and steam affect them negatively, provoking rust.


To simplify the shaving process, it is advisable to pre-cut your hair in bikini area. This is especially true if the hair is dense and hard. It is enough to leave the height of the hairs no more than 1-1. 5 cm. The shorter they are, the easier it will be to shave. Before depilation with a trimmer or razor, you need to gently pull the skin to reduce the likelihood of cuts or skin getting into the trimmer.

Hair softening

Before the depilation process, it is advisable to stand for 5-10 minutes in a warm shower or take a bath. If there is no time, then you can apply warm water to your pubic hair with a sponge and hold it for about 30 seconds. This will soften them and make them more pliable for shaving. If you plan to use an electric shaver or trimmer, the skin and hair in the bikini area should be thoroughly dried after exposure to water.

Pre-shave exfoliation

Dermatologists recommend exfoliating the skin in the groin area before shaving to make it easier to remove pubic hair. Peeling can be carried out with the help of chilled coffee grounds, a natural loofah washcloth, or a soft glove. For more tender areas near the labia, it is better to use a dry soft cloth or sponge. Thanks to this procedure, the hair is slightly raised and easier to remove. In addition, it reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs. It is important to carry out the peeling carefully, without excessive pressure and sudden movements, so that the delicate skin is not affected.

Shaving cream

Many shaving products include many flavorings. Dermatologists recommend using an odorless cream for the bikini area since the substances responsible for aromas often cause skin irritation. In this case, the usual shaving cream can be replaced with natural oil-based products: olive oil, coconut oil, mineral, or baby oils. However, you should not get carried away with them either. Oils tend to clog pores and irritate sensitive skin.

Today’s market offers a wide range of products that prepare the skin for shaving. It is desirable that the cream or gel has moisturizing and cooling properties (with menthol). This will protect the skin from irritation and painful sensations. The product must also contain disinfectant ingredients. They will help to avoid infections.

Razor movement

It is advisable to choose a razor with several closely spaced blades to reduce cuts and prevent ingrown hairs. The blades should be sharp and clean. If you use an old razor with blunt and dirty blades, then there is a high probability of infection.

Hand movements during shaving are smooth and even in the direction of hair growth. Strong pressure and sudden movements against hair growth will lead to micro-injuries and skin inflammation. Let the sharp razor do its job without too much effort. As it moves through the hair growth, the roots become smoother without causing ingrown hairs.

Sometimes the shaving cream is accidentally washed off, and the skin in this area becomes more vulnerable to the effects of blades. In such cases, you need to additionally apply a cream or gel to the skin surface.

Aftershave Skin Care

Softening and moisturizing the skin after exposure to the blades will help moisturizers specially designed after shaving. But it is desirable that their composition does not include oils, too many flavors, fragrances, ANA (alpha-hydroxy acids). The latter component is often found in anti-aging lotions. Moisturizing products with oil or sunscreen are more likely to clog the pores of the skin, especially if it is prone to this.

To reduce the risk of ingrown hairs, you need to apply a cream based on glycolic or salicylic acids, which will help get rid of dead cells. Reddened bumps can also be the result of folliculitis and inflammation of the hair follicle. Sometimes they can be caused by a simple irritation when the hair starts to grow back.

Comfortable underwear

After the depilation procedure, you need to choose the right underwear. It should not be made of artificial fabrics, especially polyester, which does not allow air to pass through and can increase the likelihood of its irritation. The best material for underwear is soft, breathable cotton. For several hours after shaving, the underwear should not fit snugly to the skin. This will reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. To reduce the friction of the skin against the fabric, you can use soft sanitary pads.

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