How to shave without getting razor bumps

How to shave without getting razor bumps

If you’re a man, and you shave your face every day, you may wonder why you can never get a real close shave. Or, if you have sensitive skin, you may dread shaving because you get those pesky red bumps on your face, especially on your neck. Maybe the problem is that you’re not shaving correctly!

Shaving is more than just slapping a pile of cream on your face and dragging a razor across it. It’s also more complicated than pulling your rechargeable electric shaver out of its holder. Then, running it across your cheeks, around your mouth, across your chin, and down your neck The skin on your face deserves better care than that! And, in return for a little more care, you can get a nice, close shave without those pesky red bumps! You’ll also get less nicks and cuts!

If you use a razor, the secret to the best shave is called a “wetshave”. The first thing to do is to fill the bathroom sink with hot water. Then, dip a wash cloth into the hot water and wring it out slightly. Dab your face with the wet wash cloth, and make sure that you cover the entire bearded area. Don’t dry the water off; it will help to soften your whiskers! Softer whiskers make it easier to shave them off your face with less irritation.

Keep in mind that facial moisturizers aren’t just for women! You need a good one too! So, the next thing to do is to apply a good quality pre-shave conditioner over the bearded area of your face.

Now, apply a light layer of shaving cream over your whiskers. If your facial skin is sensitive, then you should use a type of cream that is designed for that type of skin. Some sensitive creams contain aloe vera or baby oil, for example.

Be sure that you don’t over due it! You only need a light covering of shaving cream. Use more and the shaving cream will only serve to clog your razor!

Then, use a sharp razor to shave the bearded area of your face. Use one hand to smooth your skin out taut. And, use the other hand to hold the razor and shave with. If you have to push down hard, then you’ll know that your razor is dull and needs replaced.

As you shave, rinse your razor off in the hot water in the sink. Add more hot water if it cools off. Make sure that you rinse the whiskers completely out of your razor before you continue to shave.

Finally, once your face is completely shaved, empty the water out of the bathroom sink. Rinse your whiskers out of the sink, then splash cool water all over your bearded area. Make sure that you rinse off all of the shaving cream. Then, pat your face dry with a soft towel. And, finally, skip the after shave, no matter how good it makes you smell! Instead, apply a good skin conditioner. It will make your skin feel soft and supple!

If you use an electric shaver, you should wash your face thoroughly with a gentle soap or cleanser. Then, dab it with a soft towel to dry it. Apply a pre-shave conditioner that will help to soften your whiskers. Finally, make sure the blades of your shaver are sharp and clean.

If they are dull or full of whiskers from past shaves, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remedy the problems. Then, use your electric shaver as you normally do, except, make sure that you don’t press down too hard. Finally, rinse your bearded area with cool tap water, and apply a good aftershave skin conditioner.

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