How to shape your buttocks fast

How to shape your buttocks fast

All exercise programs should be discussed with your doctor before you start them.

What is the gluteus maximus?

The gluteus maximus, or “glutes” as they are sometimes called, are the bulbous muscles of the hindquarter, i.e., commonly referred to as your bottom or your behind. Your bottom is actually the largest and strongest muscle in your entire body.

Why work the glutes?

As with the hips, the proper growth and shaping of the glutes will help you fit better and more attractively into most clothing. With a narrow waist and good sized, firm glutes you achieve a bell-like shape at the hips that help pants and skirts to stay up without an uncomfortably tight belt or another fastener.

You also won’t experience the habit of wearing your pants or skirts too high on the waist, avoiding the look by which many older people are identified and for which so many are poked fun at. As you can see, in many respects the properly trained gluteal muscles will help you to look and feel younger.

How are the glutes strengthened, shaped and solidified?

Any exercise or activity that works the muscle groups adjoining them generally affects the glutes. They are also increased by directly training or flexing the gluteal muscles themselves.

This understanding leads us quickly to the following list of exercises for a great glutes workout!

  • The Deadlift
  • The Squat
  • The Leg Press
  • Gluteal Flexing
  • Sports that keep one on one’s feet or toes.

The Deadlift is performed generally by bending at the knees and grasping a barbell in front of you. Wear a weight belt for this exercise. Lift with the legs as you stand and straighten the back once standing. Perform high reps with less weight to really work the bottom.

The Squat should be performed with a squat rack and a spotter. You should wear a weight belt and there should be padding or a towel around the barbell where it will rest on your neck. Resting the bar on your neck with your spotter behind you, grasp the bar evenly overhand. Stand up the rest of the way and step back carefully. Squat down till your thighs are parallel with the floor and stand up fully again. Do high reps and low weight for the glutes.

The Leg Press is done on a leg press machine. Press the leg press out and let it back again. High reps, low weight. Always to exhaustion.

Gluteal flexing can be done anytime, anywhere you are not concerned about the practice being noticed. Simply learn how to tighten and release the muscles of your gluteus maximus. Do it successfully and you can begin to do repetitions. Once you have doing controlled reps down you can do hundreds a day if you like. Do them fast or slow to work them in two ways.

Exercises that keep us on our feet or toes and moving or which otherwise generally work the legs will help tone our bottoms.

This is true for two reasons: as before, if it works the thighs it works the glutes; also, moving on one’s feet and toes, especially in competitive sports, causes the associated muscles to tense frequently and this includes the gluteals. Try Tennis, Racquetball, Handball, Swimming, Running, Walking, and Bicycling. Add to the list any qualifying sport or activity.

All this should strengthen, shape and firm up the glutes.

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