How to sew simple curtains

sew simple curtains

If you are learning to sew or teaching someone else, a simple curtain is a perfect first project. This two-panel curtain is a great way to begin. It is an easy and high profile.

First measure the window. Multiply the horizontal measurement by two for the length of fabric you will need to make the curtain. Add eight inches to the vertical measurement. Curtains can be made out of almost any material, a sheet will work well, too. After buying the material wash it to avoid shrinkage later on. Cut the material to your measurements.

If it is not long enough you can piece it together, you will need to add an inch and a half to do this. To piece it together pin it to hold the material in place. If there is a pattern on the material you will want to make sure it is matched perfectly so that the piercing won’t show. Use a matching thread to sew any piecing. After you sew the pieces iron the seams flat so that there are no wrinkles or puckers.

Now you should have two panels. Lay them out on a table or the floor. Fold each side and the bottom over one inch and then one inch again. Pin them securely. Now sew the two sides and the bottom a half-inch from the edges. Press the hems. Poke out the corners when pressing for a clean sharp look.

Now fold the top down an inch and then another inch, like the other hems and pin it. Fold the top down three more inches and transfer the pins to include all three layers. Sew them right in the middle. Then sew one inch from the top to form the rod pocket.

You can also make tiebacks if you wish. You will need a ten-inch piece of material that is two feet long. Fold each end under one inch, sew a half-inch from the edge. Then fold the piece in half inside out the long way and sew it an inch from the edge.

Press so that the seam lies flat. Sew the opening of each end together by hand, using very small stitches to make them less obvious. Now sew a piece of Velcro one inch by two inches long two each end, so that when they meet it forms a loop. Sew a small ring near one of the pieces of Velcro to hang it on the hook.

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