How to set up an office workstation design layout

How to set up an office workstation design layout

The set up of your office space either at home or in a physical office is important because it aids in productivity. The best workstations allow you to focus, have necessary items close at hand, and minimize distractions.

If you are setting up a home office, you may want to consider the following:

If possible, set up your work station in a separate room of your home that is to be used solely for working. If there is limited space and this is not a possibility, it may be possible to use decorative screens to divide your space and allow you to feel as if you are in an environment for work rather than at home. The key is to minimize distractions so that when you need to work you have space and quiet that you need.

Purchase a good chair and lighting. This may sound logical, but oftentimes people forget these essentials. A good chair allows you to work comfortably for long periods of time. Good lighting not only will help your eyes, but can be used to help create an atmosphere that is focused, bright, and different than any other room in your home. Have a computer, printer, Internet connection, and phone line that are dedicated to your home office. This will ensure that you do not have to share the phone or computer with other family members when you need to be working. Also, this will help you get into the mindset that when you are working with these items that you are working, not surfing the Internet or chatting on the phone with friends.

Allow for enough room to spread out and have all your necessary papers and office supplies conveniently at hand. For example, if you have room, it is nice to use a desk with a wrap-around side or two. There are a variety of U- or corner-shaped desks available for purchase. This allows you to have easy access to your work papers, as well as having ample space to spread out when working on a project. Shelves will allow you to set out your books, papers, and office supplies in an organized way that makes them easy to find yet unobtrusive.

Use a filing system. In a physical office building, there usually are many filing cabinets that it is easy to take them for granted. In a home office, it is essential to create a filing system that works best for you. An office supply store offers many options including stand-alone cabinets or simple folding files that can keep papers organized by date, subject, or other categories. Plants add to the beauty of your workspace and add oxygen to the air. If possible, adding a plant or two to your home office is a nice touch. Not only does it make your space seem welcoming by adding color and life, but the plant will add oxygen to the air — something that may help you breathe easier when the pressure mounts.

If you have children, hire a caregiver during your working hours. Working from home is a great perk, but if you fill all your time with taking care of the children or cleaning, you never will be as productive as you and your employer would desire.

If you have children and can afford to do so, it’s best to hire a nanny or place the children in daycare for part of the day so that you can get work done. This allows you to work during a set amount of time, then be a great parent when the work-day is done and it is family time

If you have children

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