How to Set Achievable Career Goals

How to Set Achievable Career Goals

Goals are very important in achieving your career dreams. They keep you motivated to live life to the fullest and to get what you want out of it. But how do you create goals and then stick to them? Read on to start setting goals and living your career dreams.

The first part of achieving your goals is clearly identifying them. What are your goals, anyway?

Do you want to take your boss’s job or do you want to be the owner of your own business? Do you want to write the next best selling novel or just make enough money to get out of debt? Narrow that goal to something more specific. Don’t just say you want to write a bestseller, say you want to write a bestselling mystery or romance novel. Do this by making your goal concrete in your own mind by asking yourself: Why am I striving for this goal? Is it to make more money? To be famous? To have a more flexible work schedule so that I can be with my kids? What things do I like?

Now write your answers down. Writing them down makes them more real to you and anyone you show them to. Don’t just write down your goal, start planning it at length. How are you going to start? What amount of time do you need to invest in your goal? How much money will it take, if any? For example, if you were planning on starting your own business you would have to think about things like Will I need to get my own office or can I work at home? Will I need a website or am I going to go brick and mortar all the way? Do I need a loan? What kind of business licenses do I need? Can I afford it?

Next, make up some affirmation cards. These are just 3 by 5 cards with your goal written out at the top, then the steps you plan on taking underneath. Put them in I will form instead of to do form. For example, instead of writing To do: Get a Business Loan, write I will get a business loan. Post your cards all over your house and one in the car.

Make sure that every time you turn around you’ll see a card. This will reinforce in your mind what you need to do, making your goal set in stone. Don’t be afraid that your friends and family will see your cards. Knowing that they know your goals will spur you on to make them a reality. The world is watching now, which will keep you on track and wanting to reach your goal if only to show others that you can do it.

Now take action! If your goal was to start your own business, then decide on a business name. Open a savings account in your business name. Then, make up a business plan. Get the ball rolling and make that first step. These steps will take you from dreaming of living your dream sooner than you think.

Now take action!

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