How to say thank you with more than a letter

Thank you; two simple words and yet they can hold so much feeling when someone has offered us help, comfort, or love. Sometimes we struggle for a special way to show someone just how grateful we are. Thank you notes are nice but what do you do when the occasion seems to call for something a little more? Here are ten special ways to say thank you.

  • You can give a write-on/wipe-off message board with your thanks written as the first message.
  • You can make a balloon bouquet, and write your thanks with permanent marker on one – or all – of the balloons.
  • You can give a new mug, or pencil cup, filled with special goodies – and your thanks wrote and tucked in amongst the other goodies.
  • You can give a terra-cotta flowerpot filled with packets of seeds. Then cut a special “seed packet” from a white business-size envelop and decorate the outside to make a “seeds of love” packet. Then write your note inside this special seed packet.
  • Give a candy bar that has been wrapped again in a new “sweet thanks” wrapper that you make yourself. Write your thank-you note on the inside of the wrapper.
  • Give a small, pocket photo album and, in the first pocket, slip a photo of you and the person. Write your thanks on the inside cover, on the back of the photo, or slip the thank you note into another pocket.
  • For a BIG thank you, place an ad in the person’s local paper, telling everyone just how wonderful he or she is.
  • If you must send a card, tuck in extra flat goodies – like photos, tickets, a packet of hot chocolate, confetti, or stickers – to add a special touch.

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