How to save on gasoline

How to save on gasoline

You can save money on the gasoline you buy and use in your automobile. Here are the three fundamental ways you can do it.

You can simply not use gasoline.

If you’ve gotten used to the idea that certain things must be done with a car, you’re probably not alone. Here are some ways around driving altogether. Try getting things done without going anywhere. If you are going shopping, try shopping online instead. If you have a computer connected to the Internet, you have access to many goods and services without leaving home. Many places online offer free goods as promotion and include free postage.

Many services on the Internet are free as well, offered to generate traffic to a site. Your cost is obviously only your time with no cost for gasoline or any expense on your car at all. Goods you do have to pay for online often come at a discount and with free shipping. If there is a shipping cost, it is usually cheaper than the time you would have spent driving out to get it yourself and you still have no auto expense involved, no gasoline.

If you are traveling to get to a pastime or social event, bring your leisure to you instead. Invite the neighbors over for games, TV, videos, music, DVDs, or dinner. There are so many reasons it is wiser and healthier to stay in addition to saving on gas. The long-term savings this wisdom provides will pay for any gas you do use many times over. You save by preparing your own food and entertainment, too.

Travel by other means. Walk, run, or bicycle your way to where you need to go. The exercise will do you well.

You can use less gasoline.

Carpooling, driving to one place to get several things like to a department store, getting goods that last longer, and going for them less often, the possibilities are endless. As a good training regimen for driving less, try this. Imagine you live in the old west. There are no cars and you must do without. What could you or would you do in that setting to get by? Now make it a rule of thumb: you have no car, just like in the old west, until the painful twinge of really brings you back to the present day and you must use your car to get somewhere, to get something done. This should help immensely.

You can use gasoline more wisely, too.

Use maps to assess the shortest distance. Maps online are free. Drive at an even speed, within the speed limit. Even speeds save gas and, remember, speeding tickets cost money and time. Take good care of your car and it will use gasoline more efficiently. Use top quality engine cleaning additives or try some hi-grade gasoline once every few months. Keep the gas tank at least half full all the time; this makes for greater fuel efficiency. Try coasting on downgrades.

If you’ll be stuck in traffic a while, pull off and park till traffic clears. Your gas isn’t getting you anywhere anyway and you bought it to do just that. Watch for specific days when gas prices are at a low during the week. Sunday is often a good day to buy gas; avoid filling up during busy social hours like Friday or Saturday night.

If you’ll be stuck

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