How to romance a women

How to be more manly

Do you want to bring more romance into your relationship, but don’t know where to start? Being a man is not that easy either. Women are naturally better at it. Women often watch a lot of romantic movies, so they often value romance a bit more than men. But when exactly are you romantic? And what should you do to bring romance into your relationship? with women. Below are some romantic examples and tips of things you can do to romance a woman back into your relationship.

What exactly is romance?

If you want to be romantic, it takes some preparation and creativity. If you want to do something romantic for your partner, it is often an exciting, spontaneous, and surprising way to show your love. But it can often be very difficult not to be too corny in your attempt to be romantic. You are considered romantic if you put attention to thoughtful gestures to show your love to your partner.

Especially in this digital age, it can be quite difficult to bring romance into your relationship. It is often difficult to strike a balance between what is romantic or what is considered too much of a cliché. However, many people still just long for small, romantic gestures.

A thoughtful or thoughtful surprise is often much more appreciated than a luxurious gesture. In fact, according to research, a simple hug is one of the most romantic gestures. So it doesn’t have to be over-the-top romantic at all: as long as you’re serious.

This is what women find romantic

Of course, it differs per person what the term romance means. But in general, romance is seen as a universal sign of love. Romance creates the feeling of being special; by being pampered, getting attention, and being appreciated. And that by someone who is also special to you.

Some examples of things that women find romantic include: giving a sweet compliment, a box of chocolates, cuddling, a bunch of flowers on special days, an intimate dinner, a spontaneous weekend away, or the dishes that are done when she comes home from work.

And men

Men are generally less romantic. In other words: romance is often of greater importance to women. There are also differences between what romance means to men and women. But just like women, men also like to feel loved. Some of the things that score highly with men are an extra kiss, lying close together, getting a massage, doing something together, or a small, heartfelt gift. Moreover, romance does not have to mean the same for every man or woman.

Romantic gestures

There may be hundreds of ways to be romantic. Some are quite cliché, like giving a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolate, but you can make it as crazy as you want. Do you want to be a little more original in your romantic excesses, but you are not sure what to do exactly? Below we give you 10 examples to bring more romance into your relationship.

A thoughtful gift or gesture

The first way to be romantic is to give a thoughtful gift or gesture. Chocolate and flowers are of course always good, but you can also surprise your partner with a gift that is original and that suits him or her perfectly. For example, you can make a personalized gift or give something that you know will be extra appreciated. Think for example of a nice book for a bookworm, a ticket for a concert for a music lover or a new cookbook for a cooking fanatic.

A spontaneous outing

Many people associate the beginning of the relationship with romance and tension because everything is still new. You just met and want to get to know each other. You go on special dates and do fun things together. If the two of you have been together for a longer period of time, there is a good chance that there will be more of a routine. To bring more romance into the relationship, you can schedule special dates again or take your partner with you for a weekend.

Of course, every date or appointment can be very romantic, but how nice is it to surprise your partner romantically with a spontaneous weekend away or another outing. So you can arrange a special outing such as a picnic, reliving the first date, a concert or a romantic dinner. You can also take someone for a weekend away to a hotel or cottage.

Create a playlist

If you’re both big fans of music, it might be a good idea to make a playlist for your sweetheart. Put on here all songs that mean something to you together or that make you think of your partner. You can give this playlist as a surprise or, for example, app the link to the playlist to surprise your partner with it.

Love Letters

In these digital times, there is often a lot of communication via WhatsApp or other social media. Still, it can be a very romantic gesture to write an old-school love letter. For example, tell the personal reasons why you love that person. And do you want to do it all right? Then write it by hand.

You can also, for example, leave sweet, small notes lying around the house. For example, stick a post-it on the bathroom mirror, leave a note on the laptop or in a book or put them in other places in the house. A spontaneous, romantic surprise. If you are not much of a writer, you can also send spontaneous messages via Whatsapp or e-mail.

Show physical affection

Often one of the reasons someone craves romance is because the tension has gone out of the relationship for a bit. After a while, you got into a rut. Yet it is very simple to bring the tension back into your relationship. For example, show more physical affection.

By touching each other, you automatically become romantic. For example, give each other a massage, hold hands more often, put an arm around each other when watching a movie and hug each other as often as you can. And also give that tap on the buttocks when walking past.

Give sweet compliments

Compliments are always appreciated. Complimenting your partner expresses your love and keeps the relationship exciting. It is important that you do not give too standard compliments, but that you also come up with new compliments. This makes your partner feel really special.

For example, try to come up with something new every week that you want to complement. This can be a physical trait, for example, but also an aspect of your loved one’s personality. Do you see anything different in your partner’s appearance? Tell me what you like about it. Does he or she say something smart? Give a compliment.

Don’t take your partner for granted

If you’ve just met your partner, you’ll do almost anything for each other. You are busy picking up your partner and you want to impress. You can also apply these things later in your relationship. No one wants to feel like they are being taken for granted. So always do your best for each other and show affection for your partner. This can be, for example, by holding the door open for your partner, doing the dishes, or cooking delicious meals for each other.

Do new things together

One of the best ways to bring more tension into your relationship is to try new things together. This allows you to make memories together, which brings you closer together. For example, you can try out new hobbies and pursue new romantic interests. Think, for example, of dance lessons, a painting lesson, a course, stargazing together, or learning to cook together. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you both want to do it.

Go out together

In a long-term relationship, you will often hang out in front of the TV and do things indoors. But there is also plenty to do outside. For example, you can take a romantic walk on the beach together, discover a new city or have a picnic somewhere. Choose a nice park, make tasty snacks together and enjoy the sun. You can chat, read a book or just enjoy the weather together.

Romance with women in the Bedroom

To get out of the rut and be more romantic, you can of course also bring more romance into the bedroom. Make your bedroom sexy to create a good atmosphere. Always try to be romantic when you are in the bedroom, look each other in the eye and tell each other how much you love each other. Don’t rush it, but take the time to appreciate and love each other. And don’t make it an obligation.

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