How to reupholster furniture

reupholster furniture

Having a professional reupholster a chair for you is going to cost you some money. You can, with the proper tools and supplies and some time and patience, recover the chair yourself and save loads of money by following the basic tips listed in this article.

First,you will need to choose and purchase your new fabric covering. Keep in mind that while heavier fabric such as corduroy wears better, it is also much harder to work with. You will also need a pair of pliers, a tacking hammer, a heavy duty stapler, upholstery tacks, and stuffing. The size of the tacks will depend on how thick your chair upholstery is.

The example we are going to give id for a straight chair with covered cushions on the seat and on the back. You will need to remove the fabric and stuffing that is in the chair now. Do this by carefully removing all of the fabric tacks which are holding the material to the chair frame. Leave the stuffing, springs, if any, webbing, or other material that is attached to the chair frame, and is acting as a bottom in the chair.

Sometimes the covered cushion is a piece of wood with stuffing and a fabric cover. These are simple to cover. You carefully remove the existing cover, reuse the existing filler, and cut a piece of upholstery fabric large enough to cover the bottom and the filler and leave a two to three inch overhang on all sides. Then, replace the filler and cover the entire piece with the fabric.

You must make sure that the filler is placed exactyl in the proper position so the finished piece will have the same shape as it did before. Add more filler if need be to create the desired shape of the cushion. When you have done that,staple the fabric down. Make sure the staples are long enough to hold the fabric firmly in place, but do not poke through the base piece. Then, replace the finished piece on the chair frame, and your job is complete.

If the above scenario is not your case, then you will have to replace the filler-add more of need be- and then cut a piece of fabric to fit the cushion. A good way to cut the fabric in the exact shape of the old fabric, is to lay the new piece on top of the old piece and stretch it out entirely. It would be wise to use straight pins and pin the fabric into place. Then draw an outline onto the new fabric piece and carefully cut it out.

Now position the new fabric piece onto the chair, making sure it is postioned correctly. You will then need to place a tack at various places-onall sides- in the fabric to hold it firmly in place until you can get it all tacked down.

A second person to hold it while you hammer in the tacks would make your job a lot easier. Leave an open side so you can replace the filling and add more if need be. After you have reached the desired shape of the cushion, finish tacking down the fabric. Make sure to hammer the tacks in gently. Don’t mar or dent the wood with the hammer.

Follow these basic instructions for both cushions and you will end up with a beautiful, newly reupholstered chair in no time!

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