How to replace a broken toilet seat

broken toilet seat

Just like most everything else around your home, the toilet seat and cover in your bathroom can become worn and broken from use. Since the screws that hold them in place are mere plastic, they can become stripped or broken fairly easily.

A worn seat can just be uncomfortable to use, but a broken seat or cover can be dangerous, especially for small children and elderly persons. Therefore, you should replace the seat or cover as soon as possible. This project won’t empty your wallet because a new seat and cover set can cost you as little as ten dollars. Also, the only tool you’ll need is a flat head screwdriver, so you won’t need a box full of tools. And finally, from start to finish, the entire project will take you less than thirty minutes.

The first step is to purchase a replacement seat and cover for your toilet. These products come in a variety of colors, so you will be able to find one to match the decor of your bathroom. They also are made in different materials and designs such as hard plastic, wood, padded plastic, et cetera.

The second step is to remove the existing toilet seat and cover. These are held on by two large plastic screws and nuts. Locate the tops of these fasteners by first putting the seat and the cover down. Then, lift up the two hinged plastic squares directly behind the toilet lid. Now, look behind the toilet bowl between it and the water tank. You’ll see the shaft parts of the screws, along with the nuts that hold them onto the toilet.

Slide the flat head screwdriver into the slot on top of one of the large screws. At the same time, reach underneath and firmly grasp the plastic nut. Loosen the screw and hold the nut still until both pieces are removed. Then, repeat this step with the second screw and nut.

Now you’ll be able to lift the seat and cover up and off from the toilet. While they are removed, it would be a good idea to clean the entire rim of the toilet bowl with a suitable cleaner. You can also discard the broken or worn toilet seat and cover, along with the plastic screws and nuts, at this time.

The third step in this project is to unwrap the new seat and cover and place it onto the rim. The plastic squares should be towards the back of the toilet, towards the water tank. Find the screw holes in the edge of the seat and line them up with the holes on the toilet bowl. Then, insert one of the new plastic screws through the hole in the seat, and down into the hole in the toilet. Place the new nut onto the stem of the screw. Use a flat head screwdriver to tighten the screw while you hold the nut firmly. Repeat this process with the second plastic screw and nut.

Finally, snap down the covers over the plastic squares, and your new toilet seat and cover are in place and ready for years of use!

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