How to repair leather jackets

How to repair leather jackets

It’s a fact: the longer you own a leather jacket, the softer and more comfortable it is to wear. So when you get a tear, cut, burn, or other type of damage to it, you want to repair it quickly. Then, you can continue to wear your leather jacket for a long time to come. The fastest, easiest way to repair your jacket is to purchase a liquid leather repair kit.

These kits are fairly inexpensive, and they are readily available via the Internet, as well as in many department stores. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the kit. Basically, you use the kit in this way:

The kit includes different – colored liquid adhesives. The adhesives are designed to cover the tear or rip. The first step is to choose or mix together the appropriate color(s) to match the color of your leather jacket. Here is a valuable tip that the instructions won’t tell you: place a hot pad holder behind the spot in the leather that needs to be repaired. You will find out why this helps later in the article.

The second step is to use the spatula that is included in the kit to spread the adhesive around the damaged spot. Make sure that you spread the adhesive evenly without leaving high or thick spots. Smooth and blend the adhesive so that it looks like the rest of the leather jacket.

The third step is to choose a textured grain paper from the kit. Compare each paper with your jacket so you can choose the best match. The grain paper will form a grain in the adhesive so that it matches the rest of the jacket. Then, place the appropriate paper flatly over the repaired area.

The next step in the instructions is to use the heat applicator included in the kit to heat the paper and the colored liquid adhesive. The heat is the key to making the adhesive bond securely to the jacket. Here’s another valuable tip: the hot pad holder that you placed behind the damaged spot will help to hold the heat. You can try to use the applicator by moving it around the paper for several minutes.

If, however, it doesn’t work the first time, try it once or twice more. If it still doesn’t work, if it doesn’t produce enough heat to bond the adhesive, try using an iron set on low heat. Carefully run just the tip of the iron over the paper, not the entire iron plate. After the colored liquid adhesive is bonded to the jacket, let the repair cool completely before you put the jacket on.

There is another method you can use to repair a leather jacket, but it is more difficult to do. You can actually patch the damaged leather in basically the same way you would patch a pair of jeans.

You need to remove any rough edges that are around the tear or cut. If the damage is a burn, you will need to cut the entire burn out of the leather jacket.

The next step is to find a leather patch that is the same color and the same grain as the jacket. (This will probably be difficult to do, but not impossible. Be sure to check the Internet if you can’t find a leather patch locally.) You will need to cut the patch so that it fits exactly in the cut out area. Next, lay the patch onto a piece of linen that best matches the color of the leather jacket; cut the linen out an inch bigger than the leather patch.

Finally, use a good quality clear adhesive to glue the leather patch into the cutout area of the jacket. Then, glue the linen patch over the leather patch. Place the repair under a heavy book and let it sit until the glue dries completely.


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