How to repair carpet

repair carpet

One of the most expensive pieces of furnishing found in our homes today is our carpet. And yet, like anything, in time our carpet gets old and can slowly wear out. Can we repair those worn-out areas of our carpet, and thus save on the expense of buying new carpet for our home? Yes we can, and here are some suggestions as to what we can do to prolong the life of our carpet:

If a carpet becomes damaged in some area, perhaps for example, a cigarette burn, and you cannot remove the mark left behind, here is what you might be able to do:

1) Remove as much of the dirt as you can by thoroughly vacuuming the area. The best way to do this is to use only the nozzle part of the vacuum directly over the damaged area. Do not rub over the damaged area as this will likely cause further staining to your carpet. Also make sure that the vacuum bag is emptied out first, as this will give your vacuum maximum suction needed over the damaged area.

2) If it is only a light mark, then you might be safe. Try very carefully to trim back the mark on the carpet by using a very sharp razor blade. This may remove any marks left. However be careful not to scrape off too much and leave a nasty looking patch behind.

3) If the mark is ingrained and just won’t come out, try and lift the carpet and place a piece of hardboard underneath the damaged area. If you have a spare piece of carpet, cut a piece slightly larger that the damaged area, and then place over the damaged area making sure that the pile is running in the same direction as the rest of the carpet. Once this is done, cut right through both pieces of carpet, and then replace the old one with the new one.

4) The new piece of carpet can be fixed down by using a special double-sided carpet tape, which is available from your local carpet retailer or hardware store.

5) Then remove the hardboard and relay the carpet back down carefully, be very careful when you do this and make sure that the carpet is fully stretched out before fixing it back down.

If you do not have a spare piece of carpet available, then what you can do is to cut a small piece of carpet from somewhere that is not noticeable, i.e. a piece under some furniture will do, then follow the steps above. If not, consult with your carpet retailer and they may be able to supply you with some spare off cuts.

If, however, you still feel uncomfortable about doing this yourself, then you may want to seek professional help from a qualified carpet layer. They have been fully trained to repair worn carpet, and this will still work out a lot cheaper than replacing the whole carpet.

Then by doing this you will be able to save on replacing the most expensive piece of furnishing in our homes, the carpet.

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