How to repair a torn waterproof jacket

How to repair a torn waterproof jacket

When April showers come your way, your best protection is, of course, to wear a warm, dry, raincoat. But after you use your raincoat for a while, it’s bound to need some repairs. Here are the most common repairs your raincoat might need, and how you can fix them.

Puncture or Slit in the Fabric or Rubber

If you have a rubber raincoat, it’s one of the most durable you can buy. The rubber will hold up season after season, year after year. Rubber can be punctured or slit, though, and if your raincoat gets damaged, you can easily fix it yourself. Simply turn your raincoat inside out. (Never make repairs on the outside because they’ll be more noticeable.) Then, stretch it out on a work surface with the damaged area laid flat.

Hold the puncture or slit together while you apply a clear, rubber glue to it. Place the glue over the puncture or slit, and carefully spread a thin layer of it beyond the damaged area too. (Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the glue container in order to achieve the best results.) Allow the rubber glue to dry thoroughly, and then test the area by tugging gently on it.

A rip or tear in a fabric raincoat can be fixed by using a clear glue too. This glue, though, needs to be specially made for fabric. Check your local sewing supply store to find out what products are available.

If your raincoat is made of a gabardine or another type of waterproof fabric, you can sew the damaged area instead of gluing it. To do this, you’ll need a small diameter sewing needle and a spool of thread that is the same color as your raincoat. To make matching the colors easier, you should take your raincoat with you when you visit your local sewing supply store.

Then, turn the raincoat inside out, and thread the small sewing needle as you normally would. Hold the rip or tear together as you use small, even stitches to sew it together. The smaller the stitches, the less conspicuous the repair will be. You can use a magnifying glass to assist you in seeing the thread. After you have finished sewing, turn the raincoat right side out and check the repair to make sure it is secure.

Hole in the Fabric or Rubber

A hole in a rubber raincoat, no matter what color it may be, can easily be fixed by using a clear rubber glue and a patch. If your raincoat is made of a black rubber, you can actually use a tire repair kit to fix the hole too.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the rubber patch container in order to achieve the best results. Basically, though, you need to turn the raincoat inside out again. Then, lay it out flat on a work surface. If the hole is ragged, use a small pair of scissors to cut off the ragged edges so the inside of the hole is clean and neat.

Measure and cut the rubber patch so that it covers the hole and extends slightly beyond around the edges. Apply a dab of the rubber cement around the edges of the hole. Then, apply the patch and press it firmly into place. Allow the rubber glue to dry thoroughly before you wear the raincoat.

A hole in a fabric raincoat can easily be repaired by patching it. You’ll need to check the inside of the coat for excess fabric in areas that are normally hidden from sight. You’ll need a piece of fabric that will cover the hole. Turn the raincoat inside out on a flat work area, then place the excess fabric over the hole and sew it down securely by using small, even stitches.

Or, if you can use fabric fibers and glue to repair your raincoat too. To do this, mix several fibers with a small dab of clear fabric glue. Then, dab the glue mixture onto the hole until it is completely covered.


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