How to repair a broken clothes dryer

clothes dryer

Your dryer isn’t working. What do you do? You could, buy a new one, call a repairman, or fix it yourself. Most of us can agree, there are many other things we would rather spend our money on than a new clothes dryer.

There are several problems that can cause a dryer not to run, not to heat, and to run too hot. A lot of them are simple things you can fix yourself if you know what to check for. So, before you run out and buy a new dryer, see if you can fix it yourself.

Is your dryer not running at all? There are a few things that can cause this. A broken door switch will cause a dryer not to run. This should be checked and replaced, if not latching properly. You should check your circuit breaker. Make sure it is on. If you are not able to tell if it is on, try turning if completely off and then back on. Test your dryer. Check all wires on the power cord. Look for burns.

If any burns are found, your power cord will need to be replaced. A defective thermal fuse can cause your dryer not to work. This is located inside the dryer on the vent duct. Before you replace a thermal fuse, you should make sure the vent and filter are free of lint. If they are not, clean them and test your dryer. Another problem that could cause the dryer not to run is a damaged blower wheel. If this is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Is your dryer running but not heating? The first thing you need to check is your lint filter. This should be cleaned between each load. Your dryer vent could also be blocked with lint. Remove the vent and make sure it is clean. A partially tripped circuit breaker can also cause a dryer to run but not heat. To test this, turn the breaker off for several seconds, and then turn it back on. Test the dryer. If this is not the problem, it could also be your flame sensor or igniter. These would need to be checked and replaced if damaged.

Is your dryer getting too hot? Excess lint can also cause a dryer to get too hot. Again, you should check the filter and the vent for lint. Clean them if needed. Another thing that could cause a dryer to get too hot is a bad blower. This would need to be replaced if damaged. You should also, never use white plastic vent. This can cause your dryer to overheat and also be a fire hazard.

If you are not already a repairman, there will be some problems that arise that you cannot fix. The idea is to know what to look for and to fix whatever problems you can. This way, you don’t purchase a new one or call a repairman unless it’s necessary. When making repairs, always unplug your clothes dryer for safety.

If parts are needed, make sure you have your manufacturer and serial number with you before going shopping. This will help ensure that you buy the right parts and save you another trip to the store. Most of us are intimidated at the thought of dryer repair. Just keep in mind that a lot of common dryer problems are simple (excess lint) and can be fixed by anyone.

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