How to remove yellow stains from white clothes

Sweat and deodorant stains are immediately noticeable on white clothing. Over time, yellow marks eat into the fabric and can completely spoil the item. In the fight against pollution, folk remedies and special household chemicals will help. How to remove yellow stains from white clothing: the most effective tips in our article.

remove yellow stains from white clothes

What you can’t do

So as not to aggravate the situation:

  • Do not use chlorine-containing products (whiteness). They discolor the fabric, thin the fibers, and are ineffective in the fight against sweat stains.
  • Do not heat-treat your clothing until the stains are completely removed, otherwise, the dirt will stick to the fibers. Do not boil, wash, or iron.
  • Do not overdo the treatment of the soiled area, otherwise, pellets will appear.

Folk remedies

You can get rid of fresh stains with improvised means. But traditional methods often act unpredictably, so we recommend testing them first on an inconspicuous area of the fabric. With expensive delicate fabrics, it is better not to take risks and entrust the item to a trusted dry cleaner or buy a special stain remover.


Vinegar dissolves traces of sweat and eliminates odors well. Method of application:

  1. soak the yellow spot with 9% vinegar;
  2. leave it on for an hour;
  3. rinse the item well under running water;
  4. wash it in the usual way.

If you need to clean silk or finicky synthetics, you need to dilute the bite. Take about a glass of water for 1 tsp of acid, apply the mixture on a cloth and leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse well and wash in the usual way.

Laundry soap

Suitable for fresh soiling or as a supplement to other recipes:

  1. moisten the stains with plain water;
  2. wash the item with laundry soap;
  3. after 10-20 minutes, wash the item completely.

Hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide eliminates odors and yellowing. This is a gentle bleach for light fabrics with any composition.

Drop a couple of drops of peroxide on the stains so that the material is completely soaked. Wait half an hour and wash the item. If this does not help, soak the product:

  1. add 1 bottle of peroxide to 1.5 liters of water;
  2. submerge your clothes in the solution for 30 minutes;
  3. wash it in the usual way.

Baking soda and salt

They can be mixed or used separately.

How to use soda:

  1. mix with water until mushy;
  2. spread evenly over the spots;
  3. once completely dry, brush off the powder with a soft brush.

How to apply salt:

  1. moisten the dirty places with water and sprinkle them thickly with salt;
  2. leave it on overnight;
  3. use a soft brush to remove the dried salt.

To remove large stains, take salt and soda in equal proportions, mix with a small number of household soap shavings, apply to the stains and leave to dry. Then wash it with laundry detergent.

Ammonia and aspirin

To restore freshness to white items:

  1. mix 1 teaspoon of ammonia and half a cup of water;
  2. moisten the stain with the solution;
  3. a pack of aspirin is ground into a powder and add a little water;
  4. rub the gruel into the areas treated with ammonia;
  5. leave it to dry completely and wash the item.

Lemon juice

A method for cleaning white items. Fresh juice and lemon juice from the seasoning department are also suitable.:

  1. prepare lemon juice or dilute a teaspoon of acid in a glass of water;
  2. Apply the product to the spots;
  3. after 15 minutes, rinse the product and wash it with powder.

Dishwashing liquid

Dish gels contain glycerin, which dissolves organic stains. You can buy it at a pharmacy, but you should choose a clear liquid without dye. Method of application:

  1. apply glycerin to the stains;
  2. leave it on for a couple of hours;
  3. wash your clothes in the usual way: in a typewriter or by hand.

Special tools

Professional tools are better able to deal with dirt. Universal stain removers are suitable for removing fresh stains, and special ones are suitable for cleaning dried stains:

  • Vanish “Crystal white”. This is a universal bleach that will cope with cleaning light fabrics. Add 50 ml of Vanish to 2 liters of water and soak the item for an hour. Then wash it in the typewriter. To enhance the effect, you can add 100 ml of the product to the powder compartment and select the appropriate washing mode. Pre-treat the stains with the product.
  • FINE CLEAN Professional stain remover. Universal oxygen cleaner with a gentle, odorless composition. Put the powder in a basin of warm water and soak your clothes overnight. Wash and rinse thoroughly in the morning.
  • HG for removing traces of sweat and deodorant from things. The spray is intended for pre-treatment of stains before washing. It can be used not only for white but also for colored fabrics. Creates an invisible film on the fabric, so it prevents the appearance of yellow marks.
  • Spray-stain remover Dr. Beckmann “Deodorant and sweat”. Suitable for hard-to-remove stains. Spray on the stains and leave them on for 10 minutes, then wash the item. The product can be used for all types of fabrics.

Removing complex stains

Method 1. Vodka or alcohol. Vodka can simply soak the stains, and 96% alcohol should be mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 2. Fill it with a solution of dirt and wash it well after drying.

Method 2. White spirit or household gasoline. This is the most radical tool that can be used if other methods do not help:

  1. moisten contaminated areas with the substance;
  2. after 10 minutes, rinse the item under the tap;
  3. wash as usual.

Washing rules

Some useful tips:

  • choose the mode with additional rinsing to remove the remnants of caustic stain removers;
  • take into account the fabric composition and recommendations on the tag.
  • wash white items separately from colored items.
  • do not delay the removal of sweat stains, fresh dirt is easier to get rid of.


It is easier to prevent the appearance of stains than to wash off yellow stains. Use the recommendations:

  • use preventive sprays that create a protective film on the fabric;
  • use special pads for your armpits;
  • choose antiperspirants that leave no residue;
  • wear loose clothing that doesn’t fit too tightly to your body;
  • wash white clothes immediately after wearing them;
  • periodically dab your sweat with dry wipes.

The main thing

  • You can whiten fresh yellow spots with improvised means: soda, vodka, peroxide, and lemon juice. Old, ingrained traces will be removed by white spirit or purchased stain remover.
  • Do not wash in hot water and iron soiled clothes — temperature treatment will seal the dirt inside the fibers.
  • To prevent the appearance of stains, use special sprays, linings, and other hygiene products, and do not delay washing.
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