How to remove vaseline from hair

How to remove vaseline from hair

Vaseline is a petroleum derivative and therefore contains a number of chemical compounds that harm the skin and the skin in the long run when used for long periods, and also harms the hair, especially when it is used excessively and incorrectly, as it works to block the follicles and prevent air access.

Some add harmful chemical compounds with Vaseline to prepare hair creams, which harm the hair in the long run. Therefore, great care must be taken about using Vaseline for hair.

Vaseline or petroleum jellies is one of the most difficult substances that can be stuck in the hair; Because Vaseline is insoluble in water. But you can dry Vaseline and then sprinkle cornstarch powder, as it helps absorb the oil from the Vaseline, then wash your hair with a shampoo designed to remove oils from the hair, then rinse the hair with water.

If you do this more than once and Vaseline remains in the hair, you can try other home remedies; For example, apply oil, degreaser, adhesive remover, or even use liquid dish detergent and then wash your hair. Below we will talk about these methods in detail.

How to Get Vaseline out of Your Hair

Washing hair with corn starch:

At first, dry the hair using paper towels, where you have to hold some paper towels and press them on the hair covered with Vaseline, then pat the tissue over the hair to remove the excess Vaseline.

Make sure not to rub the paper towel because this will deepen the Vaseline oil in the hair, and if there is Vaseline in areas far from your hands such as the back of the head, it is best to use a friend to help you remove it with paper towels so that you cannot see and reach it.

Use cornstarch or cornmeal powder; Once you remove the excess Vaseline from the hair, sprinkle your hair with dry cornmeal or cornmeal powder. Use paper towels to spread the powder on your hair, or you can straighten it with your fingers. Be careful, you should cover the oily areas completely.

You can use baking soda as a substitute for cornstarch, but avoid using powdered talcum powder or baby powder, because if a child or person accidentally inhales it, it causes respiratory problems.

Wash the hair with warm water and a clarifying shampoo to remove Vaseline, or you can use a regular shampoo that you always use for your hair, and a clarifying shampoo is usually used to remove styling products and greasy substances that are placed on the hair when styling, you can use it called a deep cleansing or clarifying shampoo.

Do not use cold water to wash your hair, as it will help in increasing the thickness and lump of the Vaseline.

Wash your hair again with shampoo and rinse with water; Once you have rinsed off the cornstarch and clarified shampoo, shampoo your hair again, then rinse it with warm water to remove all of the petroleum jellies. And continue rinsing with water until you see that the water has become clear and there is no trace of soap or starch powder.

Apply hair conditioner and rinse; Purifying shampoo strips the hair of its natural oils and increases its dryness, so it is best to use a moisturizing conditioner to restore moisture to the hair. Read the instructions on the conditioner box and then rinse the hair with cold water; To remove the conditioner and close the hair dandruff.

Some instructions that may be on the conditioner box are to massage the conditioner into your wet hair for a few minutes, then leave the conditioner for a short time on the hair and then rinse with water.

dry and comb the hair; Press towels on wet hair to remove the water moisture from it. Do not rub the hair or pull it with the towel so as not to cause damage to it. Once the hair is damp, use a comb to detangle it.

The Vaseline should be completely gone here and you shouldn’t feel it while combing the hair.

Repeat the above steps again if necessary but within 12 to 24 hours of time. And it was decided that if your hair still had some fat and you feel the effect of Vaseline after everything you did, wait for the whole night or until the second day and repeat the previous treatment. Remember to let your hair dry on its own.

Try other household ingredients

There are some other tried and true methods that you can do as follows

Use oil massage

You can massage your hair with the oil for ten minutes before applying the shampoo; This step makes the shampoo more powerful and effective in removing Vaseline. Put two tablespoons of oil (coconut oil, olive oil, baby oil, or almond oil) on your hair and massage it, then wash your hair more than once with a purifying shampoo. If you choose coconut oil, warm it up a little in the microwave to melt it.

Use Degreaser Products

A skin-safe degreaser can be used; You can buy it in the market, as these products are designed to break down grease and fat. The product is safe on the skin, but make sure that it does not get into your eyes.

You can use dishwashing liquid, where you put a few drops of it on the hand, then rub the hair with it, and then rinse the hair with warm water.

Keep in mind to use conditioner when you use dish soap, because it dries the hair of the natural oils in it, and also make sure it doesn’t get in your eyes

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