How to remove the smell from shoes instantly

How to remove the smell from shoes instantly

If you are an athlete or have particularly sweaty feet, you know what I’m talking about. You wear two pairs of socks and your feet still sweat through to your shoes, causing major shoe odor. If you wear work boots in the warm weather, you might even need to pass out protective face masks to your family when you take them off at night. There are shoe inserts on the market as well as powders, sprays, and creams, but they are quite expensive and not practical for use on children.

There is an easy and inexpensive way to deodorize your shoes using something you can find in your local grocery store and it only costs pennies peruse. Cat litter. If you have a cat, great! You already have the ingredients. If not, a ten-pound bag of cat litter only costs a couple of dollars and you can deodorize your shoes for a year with one bag! Follow these easy steps to stench-free shoes and sneakers!

  1. Take two old knee-hi stockings, or cut off the lower portion of a pair of panty hose to get two tubes.
  1. Fill the stockings with kitty litter, the chunkier kind works best, sand litters may leak through the stockings and into your shoes. Look for a good ‘odor absorbing’ brand. If you don’t have a cat, the ten pound bag will last you a long time. Tie a knot in the tops of the stockings.
  2. Stuff the litter-filled stockings, one into each shoe and let them sit overnight, or for a few days if they are really ripe.

This will work on any kind of shoe of any size, just adjust the amount of litter you use to fit the shoe. Now you won’t have to throw away smelly shoes and you can save the used cat litter to throw on the ice on your sidewalk in the winter time! One word of caution: if you have a cat, don’t leave your shoes on the floor while they are being deoderized or you may get a surprise you hadn’t bargained for!

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