How to remove sunless and self-tanner

How to remove sunless and self-tanner

It is best to ensure yourself the best application of a self or sunless tanner before finding yourself in a sweaty panic to remove the product! The ideal way to do this is preparation. If you are planning to have your tan for an event, you will want to exfoliate for up to two days before creating your tan.

How do you do this?

There are various products available complete with instructions. However, an outstanding product I have found is in the kitchen and something that costs very little! The secret aimed to treat this beauty disaster is baking soda. While in the shower, wash as normal, shave as usual, then sprinkle a little baking soda on one leg at a time, gently rub the baking soda with your palms, and or by using a sponge or washcloth.

Gradually, work your way around your body. Pay special attention to ankles, heels, elbows, and the crook of your arms, your knees as well as behind them! By, doing this a couple of times you will remove much of the dead skin, which will cause the tanning product to build up and appear darker than the rest of your body.


You may use baking soda on your face as a scrub but stay away from the delicate eye area.

So, how do you remove excess self-tanning product?

The same way you remove dead skin cells! Exfoliation. Amazingly, you may use baking soda in the same fashion to remove a run of tanning spray that has traveled, unknowingly, up to your arm during the application process. Put a small amount of baking soda on a damp washcloth, dampen skin and gently rub off the tanning product.

Depending on how dark the product is, you may need to give your skin a rest between attempts of removal. The process could require two or three procedures. Had you known at the time of application that you were in trouble, you could have easily removed excess with a damp cloth.


Do remember that if you use your best linens, the product can stain if not washed immediately.

If you find yourself with surplus tanning product around your ankles and knees, you know you have applied the product too liberally and or have not exfoliated thoroughly enough.

Tips for supreme self or sunless tanning:

Exfoliate at least twice before starting your tan.

Apply to damp not wet skin.

Wear rubber gloves or wash hands very well and repeatedly. Example: apply to right leg, wash hands, then apply to your other leg, wash your hands, and so on, moving to each area of your body. Watch for water drips that might land you after washing. A seemingly harmless drip could turn into a pale splotch in the middle of your fantastic tan.

Rub the product into your skin, completely and from different angles. If you used an up and down motion with your hands to apply the tanning product; try coming from the underside of your arm or leg; think of it as wrapping the color totally around you.

When you have covered all desired areas, use a towel and gently remove excess products around your ankles, crooks of arms, elbows, wrists, behind your knees, collarbone, breast area, and between your armpit and above your breasts. These are difficult areas to gain even color, and easy areas attract extra products. It is best to wipe these areas lightly of excess before letting the tanning product dry.

The ultimate tan develops after 2-3 applications, so plan especially if this is your first time using the product. Also, be patient. If you have applied the product once and decide the look is streaky, splotchy, or that you have skipped areas, wait a day and apply again. Chances are that the color will even out when applied a second or third time, correctly. After achieving a nice tan, reapply, every other day to keep your tan.

When is a good time to try a self or sunless tanning product?

The best time is during rainy weather and at a time when you can wear long sleeves rather than other skin bearing clothing. This way, if you have some trouble, or would like to try another brand, you can do so without showing the world your ever-changing colors.

When is a poor time to try a self or sunless tanning product?
A few hours before an event, first date, wedding, or family outing.

After two weeks of heavy use of a tanning product, you may find your skin looking dull or splotchy. To avoid further build-up, it is a good idea to totally remove the entire product and start again. You might find it takes a shower or two to do this. Just remember to plan! If Saturday is your big day, Tuesday and Wednesday start the exfoliation process and begin your tan. This allows enough time for removal should the worst should happen.

A small amount of rubbing alcohol on a washcloth will work for small areas of error or excess as well. Give your skin a break between attempts.

Self or sunless tanning can require a little work and some practice to get it right. Remember, self and sunless tanners do not contain sunscreen. Do use sunscreen when you are outdoors. Overall, this could be the healthiest tan one can attain.

Self or sunless tanning
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