How to remove scratches from car windshield

How to remove scratches from car windshield

Let’s face it – a scratched window in your car is just unsafe.

Scratched windows can deflect light and hinder your visibility. Eventually, we all have this problem, it’s unavoidable.

You must be very careful handling scratches on your windshield. The windows in our car are made out of a material called Safety Glass. Upon impact the windows are made to crumb together instead of cracking into thousands of pieces. The minor scratch you have on your window has the possibility of suddenly shattering the window right in front your face! You are advised to use extra caution when cleaning or removing scratches from your car windows.

You can buy expensive glass scratch remove kits that sometimes have limited effects. In my experience, nothing beats the recipe below, and it never hurts to save a few bucks here and there.

The first ingredient in our compound for your scratched and hazed window is a product called Jewelers Rouge. It is a mixture of aluminum oxide and wax; it is often used with buffing wheels, or to polish other types of metals. It commonly comes in a bar-like shape.

Jewelers caution when buying Jewelers Rouge, to only purchase Rouge that is red. Jewelers Rouge is made with ferric oxide, which gives it the red coloring. Rouge is French for red, so white Jewelers Rouge doesn’t make much sense. This product can very easily be purchased online; just stay away from the Rouges that aren’t red.

The next ingredient is called Glycerin. This product can commonly be purchased in any Drug Store. It is basically a humectant, which attracts moisture to your skin. It is often included in soaps and lotions.

The third ingredient is water. Regular tap water is ok, as long as it doesn’t have a high mineral count.

Now before we apply the compound, we need to make sure the glass is clean. First, clean the glass with a cleanser. I do not recommend ammonia cleaners; preferably use citric acid or alcohol-based cleanser. Then wipe away the cleanser. Soft terry clothes are best for initial soaking and wiping. When the cleaning is complete, carefully examine the window to ensure there is no dirt or grime near the scratch.

Now that the window is clean and we have our materials together. We can begin to make the compound.

Window Scratch Remover

2 Tablespoons Glycerin
2 Tablespoons Jeweler’s Rouge
2 Tablespoons Water

First mix the ingredients in a small bowl, or container. The compound must be mixed very vigorously. Once the compound is mixed, place some on the starched area and rub gently. Please remember pushing too hard can shatter the whole window, so caution is advised.

Once the compound is applied, allow it to dry for 20-30 seconds. After the compound has dried, use mild soapy water to clean off. If the scratch is very deep, you might have to repeat the instructions a few times.

It’s usually good to repeat this process very 6 months or so, since the scratches will eventually come back.

It’s usually good

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