How to remove pet odor from carpet

remove pet odor from carpet

Bad odors in the house can be particularly unpleasant. They not only cause a nuisance but can also make you feel uncomfortable. If that smell also appears to come from your carpet, it is completely bad. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. With these tips, you can remove pet odors from the carpet without any problems!

Causes of odors

Many unpleasant odors are caused by a lack of ventilation. Our houses are now so well insulated that bad odors simply linger. Think not only of the smell of pets or nicotine but also, for example, mold and excrement of house dust mites.

The latter are often barely noticeable, but they do create an unhealthy living environment in your home. An odor eliminator is a tempting option, but unfortunately, it doesn’t eliminate the problem. The stench is masked, but not addressed.

Dog pees on the carpet – Cat pees on the carpet!

Follow the steps below and in most cases, the smell of pet urine will be immediately removed from your carpet.

The first aid for stains:

  • Grab a towel right away
  • Wet it with water
  • Wring well and place on the stain
  • Absorb as much of the urine as possible with the towel
  • Repeat this a few times

Most of the urine will now be gone from your carpet. But that is no guarantee that the smell has also been permanently removed. Use here for Odor Pet Remover. This product has been specially developed for removing fresh urine stains from the carpet. It’s not a mask. But it neutralizes the urine air in the core.

Remove bad smell from carpet with baking soda

Simple remedies are often the best. For example, baking soda is an excellent solution for removing bad odors from the carpet. And also less harmful to your health and the environment than the use of aggressive chemicals. This product is cheap, easy to use, and safe for pets and people.

  1. Vacuum your carpet thoroughly to remove dirt particles and fibers. Do not walk on the carpet afterwards. If that is not possible, you can divide the carpet into sections and clean one at a time.
  2. You can remove bad odors from carpet with enough baking soda. So sprinkle the area liberally, as the entire surface must be covered. When you no longer see the normal color of your carpet, you are done.
  3. Now scrub the baking soda well into the carpet. Use a dry brush or sponge to do this, so that the salt can penetrate deep into the carpet. This is especially important with deep-pile carpet. You want to make sure the baking soda covers literally every part of the carpet. If you’re concerned you might damage the carpet, use an old sock or rag.
  4. Check the surface. If you see a spot that hasn’t been covered yet, sprinkle it with baking soda.
  5. Now let the baking soda soak in overnight for up to 24 hours and absorb the odors without stepping on the carpet. The longer you wait, the more successful you will be at removing bad odors from carpet.
  6. Remove the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner. Do this quietly and carefully, so that you are sure to remove everything. Vacuum each piece several times until everything is clean.

Some additional tips:

To prevent the baking soda from clumping, you can put it in a spreader. That way it is easier to spread it evenly over the carpet. Also remember that removing bad odors from carpet is best done with fresh baking soda, as it absorbs the odors better than salt that has been stored for a while.

Treatment of urine stain with Pet Odor Remover:

  1. Soak the area with Pet Odor Remover and then remove as much moisture as possible by blotting with a clean (white) towel.
  2. Soak the area again with Pet Odor Remover and then remove excess detergent by blotting the area with a clean (white) towel
  3. Then cover the area with a clean (white) towel to keep the area moist for 24 hours.
  4. Don’t walk on the damp carpet

Note: Never rub, just dab lightly. Never blow-dry, carpet just needs to dry naturally.

Removing the Misconceptions About Stains:

In many cases when it is not possible to remove a stain from the carpet, this is often due to well-intentioned but incorrect treatments. Especially all kinds of household remedies often only make it worse. Do not use detergent, detergents, or green soap. These products can discolor the carpet and in hindsight, the stain will only get worse.

In the case of a urine stain removal:

Never do: Do ​​not use detergent or detergents. Be careful with home garden and kitchen remedies. Not all of them do what they promise.

Thorough deep cleaning carpet

You want to enjoy your carpet in the living room, bedroom, or on the stairs for as long as possible. Properly removing stains from the carpet will certainly contribute to this. However, it is also good to have your carpet thoroughly cleaned once every three to five years. The frequency of a complete carpet cleaning naturally depends on the family composition and how intensively the carpet is used. Good carpet maintenance pays off. It ensures a healthy living environment and the life of the carpet will be extended.

Ask an expert!

Don’t feel like all this hassle, but do you want a clean and nice-smelling carpet? Then you can also ask an expert to do it for you. At Carpet Cleaning in the united states. they use 2 methods for this: the ozone method and the enzyme method.

With the ozone method, your carpet is treated with ozone, a disinfecting gas. The chemical reaction with the gas neutralizes the unpleasant odors, which disappear completely! Moreover, this method is also good for the environment: ozone changes into oxygen after treatment!

The enzyme method also eliminates bad odors, instead of disguising them. The special enzymes break down the odor molecules, making removing bad odors from the carpet a breeze.

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