How to remove hair extensions

With the salon procedure of hair extensions, many representatives of the fairer sex have encountered. Someone only saw how such beauty is created, someone was interested in this procedure, and someone tried this method of lengthening curls on themselves. Little is known about how much hair is removed at home, but this information can be useful for those who do not have the time or finances to visit a beauty salon.

How to remove hair extensions
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Common mistakes in removing hair extensions

  1. At the moment when you remove the hair extensions, you should not try to “comb” the capsule with a comb from your own strands, because this is unlikely to help. With such manipulations, you can easily pull out excess hairs. The capsule must be dissolved, melted, or broken. Other methods for removing keratin have not yet been invented.
  2. Do not try to dissolve keratin with gasoline or acetone. So there is a risk of severe damage to your own curls.
  3. When applying an iron to remove the hair extensions, you should first apply a large amount of thermal protection agent to natural and donor strands.
  4. After the capsules are already removed, it is important to let your own curls rest. Do not do a second build-up on the same day.

Remove using the hot method

Method 1

To remove the extended strands, you should prepare tongs for crushing the capsule and a remover. The top layer of hair is also removed from the crown zone, exposing the first row of capsules. Removal can be done in layers. Learning how to remove extended hair on capsules, it is worth understanding that this is done from the back of the head and crown, and therefore you may need an assistant. 

The remover should be applied to the capsule with an exposure time of several minutes. Next, you will have to gently squeeze the capsule with forceps until it moves away from the hair itself. Then it is pulled down together with the strand. It is worth starting the removal from the temporal zone. 

At the same time, it is important to act carefully and not pull the hair too much. One capsule will require 1-2 drops of solvent. After all the strands are already removed, the hair is gently combed to remove any remaining keratin. If there is still keratin on the strands, then you should apply an oil mask to the hair and comb it with a comb. So keratin will completely move away from the strands.

Method 2

If you remove the extended strands using oil, then the hair does not have to be wetted with water beforehand. Before applying the mask, you should wash your hair with shampoo. Next, oil or balm is applied liberally to the hair roots and capsules with further exposure of 20-30 minutes. After that, you should try to pull the strands together with the capsules down. 

If they do not go well, then you can still wait for half an hour or use small pliers to crumble the capsule. At the same time, you do not need to put much pressure on it. As soon as the keratin cracks, it is important to start removing the strand according to the instructions described above. Further actions will be identical.

Method 3

You can also remove the extended strands when using an iron. To do this, the thermal device is connected to the network and heated to 160-180 degrees. Next, carefully take each strand, pre-wetting it with a thermal protection agent. The capsule is clamped between the heating plates and squeezed. 

It is worth waiting 30-40 seconds and the keratin will heat up. Only then can you start pulling the capsule down. So all the strands are removed. To remove the remaining keratin from the hair, you should use oil and a comb.

Self-removal by the cold method

Hair that was built up by the cold method can also be removed at home. In this case, the method of removal will directly depend on what exactly was used for hair extensions. In a situation where the donor strands were attached using microchips or rings, these fasteners will simply have to be cut with pliers. 

Suitable for this purpose and nail tongs or special tweezers for capsules, which can be purchased in specialized stores. It is important to note that this technique is considered completely mechanical, and accordingly, your own hair will also cause some damage. Often such procedures lead to cross-section and brittle hair, as well as to their pulling out by the roots.

The cold method of hair extension also includes the tape method. Removing such strands will be much easier. In this case, you will only have to unhook the sticky tape, softening it with alcohol or a special solution. It is strictly forbidden to simply rip off the tape because this leads to the pulling out of natural hair, as well as to their brittleness.


The simplest method of removing hair extensions when Hollywood hair extensions In this case, it is enough only to untie the braids that were donated. This is done using an ordinary crochet hook of the optimal thickness.

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