How to remove door hinge pin

Removing a hinge pin from a door isn’t difficult, but there are a few tricks that will make it much easier. Resist the urge to use whatever screwdriver or chisel is handy to tap out the bolt because the process risks ruining most metal edges. Make sure the door is secured with shims, as any movement with one hinge pin missing could cause the other hinges to twist. The center pin (of the three that most doors have) is the easiest to remove, as the top and bottom hinges offer support.

the article-clear guides for hinges pins. Here are some tips on how to remove the door hinge pins with your own hands will not seem like something out of rocket science.

How to remove door hinge pin
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What is a hinge

The door hinge is to allow the door to smoothly rotate on and off of a door. A door hinge contains a hinged seat and the hinge body, the hinge body by the end of the core shaft, and the door frame is connected to the other end of the door leaf is connected.

The hinge body is divided into two sections, a section of the mandrel is connected to another section of the door leaf is connected to the two hinges between the body through the connecting plate is connected into a whole, the connecting plate is provided on the door gap adjustment hole.

Since the hinge body is divided into two sections, and through the connecting plate is connected into a whole, remove the connecting plate, it will be the doors removed for repair. The connecting plate of the door gap adjustment hole contains: adjusting the upper and lower door gap of the long hole and adjusting the left and right door gap of the long holes. Hinge not only can be adjusted up and down but also can be left and right adjustment.

Required tools

  • Screwdriver
  • Chisel
  • Hammer

Remove the door hinges pin with screwdriver

Remove the pin from the hinge. You can use a screwdriver inserted into the base of the pin inside the hinge and gently drive it up. But, since there was a doorstop at the top of the hinge, you just tapped it up with a hammer and the pin came out easily. Notice how the parts of the hinge are not aligned.

Remove the door hinges pin with chisel

Set the chisel on a workbench, with the sharp end hanging down. Hold it firmly with one hand. With the other hand, repeatedly run your belt sander forward of the chisel end. Turn the chisel and repeat, until the edge is somewhat sharp.

Open the door halfway. Place wooden wedges under it, in the center. Duplicate the wedges so they are firmly stuck in the door and held in place.

Hold the sharp chisel edge to the center hinge pin. The chisel should be below the bolt head, pointing up at approximately 45 degrees, with the point of the chisel pressing into the joint just below the head.

TAP at the back of the chisel with a hammer, raising the hinge from the hinge cover.

Grab the top of the hinge pin once more than halfway out and pull it out the rest of the way.

Tips and Warnings

Wear eye protection when sharpening the chisel.

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