How to remove blood from carpet

remove blood from carpet

An accident often happens in a small corner. It can happen that you suddenly see that there are bloodstains on your carpet. Annoying but fortunately also solvable. Removing blood stains: we tell you what you should and shouldn’t do!

We will explain how to clean carpet stains and get rid of the most encrusted and annoying stains. Your carpets will always be clean, like new.

Knowing how to clean carpet and rug stains is not difficult. One of the main secrets is to act as quickly as possible and not let the stain get too deep.
Therefore, as soon as the fabric is dirty, whatever it is, try to absorb the stain as quickly as possible, so that the dirt does not stick too much and thus becomes more difficult to remove.

Forget about buying products and getting rid of stains in a practical way. Pay attention to our tips and apply these homemade solutions to solve the problem.

Facts about blood!

Blood flows through your body every day. But how much do you know about it?
On this Sanquin page, you can read and learn a number of interesting blood facts. Blood is indispensable for our body, but we can miss it like a toothache on our couch or carpet.

Remove dried blood stains from carpet

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to immediately rinse off fresh blood that has dripped on the carpet. Then the blood clots and the spots dry up. Old bloodstains are particularly stubborn and require special treatment:

If the dried stains are on the carpet, soak them in plenty of water. This allows you to soak and loosen the blood that is not yet attached to the tissue fiber.

Directions for use: remove dried blood stains from non-washable fabrics:

  • If you have discovered old blood stains on the carpet, you can soak it with plenty of water with a wet sponge.
  • Then mix washing powder and a little water into a thick paste, which you try on a hidden spot first. This way you can ensure that after your treatment there are no white spots instead of the red blood spots as your remedy can remove the color from the fabric.
  • If the detergent paste has proven itself in a hidden place, it can be used. To do this, lightly roughen the wet tissue fibers with a nail brush or an old toothbrush.
  • Then use the brush to gently massage your paste into the stains and leave it on for at least an hour.
  • Then it is removed with some kitchen paper.
  • To finally remove the blood stains, wash them with plenty of cold water. To do this, soak the stains thoroughly with a sponge and then dry them with kitchen paper. Repeat this process until no more blood can be seen.

Remove blood stains from carpet

An accident can happen quickly, especially if there are children present. Then a bloodstain on your beautiful carpet cannot be ruled out. The most important rule when removing blood stains from carpets is to use cold water, not hot water. Warm water makes the blood clot faster and makes it a lot more difficult to remove the bloodstain from the carpet.

As with all stains, it is very important to act as soon as possible. So never let the stain dry because then the blood will stick to the fibers and it will be very difficult. First, try to dab the stain with cold water and a damp clean cloth. This will cause part of the stain to fade. Never rub, as this will push the stain deeper into your carpet and make it even more difficult to remove.

Then sprinkle some salt on the stain and let the salt soak in. After all, salt has an absorbent property and will, as it were, suck the blood out of the carpet. The disadvantage of the salt is that you have to get it out of your carpet afterward. Once the salt has dried, it can be vacuumed off with a vacuum cleaner. If there is still salt residue, you can rinse with clean water, let it dry and then vacuum again.

Home remedies

Unfortunately, removing stains doesn’t always work on the first try. Bloodstains in particular are often quite stubborn. So if you didn’t remove the stain with cold water, laundry detergent, liquid soap, or dishwashing liquid, don’t give up.

The following home remedies can also be used successfully against blood stains:

Lemon juice is also a good stain remover. Sprinkle the stain with plenty of lemon juice (it could be the juice from the plastic lemon) and let it soak for a few minutes. Then rinse the blood and lemon juice under cold running water. Alternatively, you can wash it from the bottle with carbonated mineral water. The carbon dioxide also helps to dissolve the blood.

corn starch is the ideal means to remove blood stains from non-washable textiles. To do this, mix potato or corn starch and cold water into a viscous paste, which you then divide over the wet bloodstains. Massage the paste lightly with an old toothbrush and, once it has turned red, blot the paste with a clean cloth. Then spray the area with plenty of cold water, dab it with several paper towels until the fabric is completely dry and clean.

Preventing Carpet Blood Stains

The best way to remove a stain, including blood, is to prevent it from happening in the first place. To minimize the risk of bloodstains…

  • Use large enough bandages that cover well on cuts or injuries. Replace them regularly so that they do not become saturated and leak onto clothing or other surfaces.
  • Avoid light-colored fabrics in the kitchen, such as rugs, aprons, or mitts, where cuts and minor injuries can occur.
  • Use a washable mattress protector to avoid getting blood on the mattress.

With the right techniques, it is possible to lighten most bloodstains until there are hardly any or even no bloodstains to be seen. While there is no quick way to remove blood stains, with patience you can restore your carpet.

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