How to Remove a Door Knob

Remove a Door Knob

Replacing a worn or broken doorknob is not a task that requires special skills or a large amount of time. To avoid leaving your home unattended (or without an external doorknob), it’s best to choose your replacement hardware ahead of time. Doorknobs are sold in standard sizes, so finding the right fit for regular-sized doors won’t be a problem.
So, if you have the tools in hand, let’s get to work.

Required Tools

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • New door and hardware.
  • Screwdriver

Out with the old

First things first, you will need to remove your existing Dorkob and all its hardware. This is a very simple method, which should take 5 to 15 minutes.

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  • Remove the trim from the door. The doorknob has a ring-shaped piece of metal behind the door handle and between the two knobs. There is trim on both sides of the door. There are usually two screws that place this ring on each side of the door, although some newer models of doorknobs and interior doors do not have screws at all, and need to be closed with a flat screwdriver or small perry tool. May fall. If the latter is true, be sure to slide the screwdriver well under the ring, so as not to damage the wood when lubricating.
  • Once the trim is removed, you will see two long screws holding the two doorknobs (one on each side of the door) in place. Remove the patch one at a time.
  • You can now separate the knock from the door and pull it out. Do it
  • Once the doorknobs are out, you’ll notice two screws holding the door lock. Remove both screws and bolts.
  • If you want to replace the strike plate (the small metal plate that catches the bolt or when it releases it), you can remove it from the door frame right now. You can do this by removing the patch and pulling it out. (Note: This is an unnecessary step in most Dorkob alternative jobs.)

Buying a new door.

Knowing ahead of time what you are looking for can make buying an alternative doorknob easier. Should your doorknob be an internal or external lock or maybe no luck? Would you prefer a round handle or lever-type knob that you can bend? Are you looking for a decorator handle to match the rest of the house or will an old one knock? Make your decisions ahead of time and always keep your receipt; just in case.
With new


  • You will first start installing the new Dorkob by inserting a new bolt. Push it into the hole and pull it into place. Note: The slated side should always indicate that the door is closed so that the door cannot be opened.
  • On one side of the door, place your trim piece of meat against the door and between a new knock. Insert Dorkob. Do the same on the other side, check to make sure the two doorknobs are straight and the two long screws will hold them together.
  • Using two long screws, fasten the two handles tightly in turn, tightening on all sides until you have a solid fit and the knobs are evenly held together.
  • Examine your work and make sure that both handles move freely and that the door cannot be pushed or opened without using the handle (from both sides).

Tips and tricks.

New bolts and strike plates sometimes feel loose or unsafe after installation. You can replace the original patch with a longer wooden patch.

Any extra slack or air gap between the strike plate and the door trim can be fixed with a narrow piece of cardboard. Open the strike plate, fit the cardboard and change the patch.

New lever-style doorknobs are easy to open for young children and older adults with physical disabilities.

As you knock on the old door and lock it from the outside, place it on the floor in the order you removed it. This will help speed up the installation of new hardware as you will have a model.

If you get stuck and do not return the doorknob properly, try partially removing another doorknob at home and use it as a model.

You can clean fingerprints from Dorknab, a strike plate, and a cleaner made specifically for the type of metal you are using, or a soft incision dipped in vinegar.

Always send your warranty card to your new door hardware immediately to ensure a guaranteed replacement if necessary.

Your trim may need to be tightened from time to time, especially if the door is heavily loaded. This can be done when a screwdriver is used. If you find yourself tightening the trim several times a year, invest in a long patch.

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