How to remember dates and times

remember dates and times

It is never an easy task to keep up with the procession of one’s day. With so much to do and with so little time to do it all in, you feel as if you’ll never be free. Is it difficult for you to remember particular tasks because you feel overwhelmed?

It is so easy to forget the important things like doctor’s appointments, or whether or not you have to take the dog to the vet, or even what time your child is supposed to get out of school. Life is so busy, and in this day and time, so are you.

Perhaps what you need are a few easy tips and tricks to remember important dates and times:

  1. Jot a note to yourself at the time of hearing your particular appointment or engagement being told to you, or upon receiving it. If you get an invitation to a birthday party, quickly begin to memorize the date and write it down so that it can be constantly in your mind. Go out that day and buy the person a gift so that you keep it in your head that there is something you were meant to do.
  2. Keep a pad and pencil near the phone so you can write a letter or note for someone else if the messages aren’t for you. This may feel like playing a secretary, but you would expect the same as the other members of your household.
  3. Many cell phones have memory memos; take the time to type it in for future reference. Cell phones also have alarms. So set your alarm for any date to remind yourself of the time, place, and when. You can also do this with your watches and alarm clocks at home.
  1. Use the old school method of writing notes on your hand, or carry a small notepad in your pocket. Planners are also successful, while somewhat tedious, they do make easy access to planners without all the extra junk. Find something that has a calendar, space for notes, and you’ll be set.
  2. Request a friend or companions to help remind you of the date and time.
  3. Use a calendar for notes and keep it in a place that you will look to often. Mark any important dates you need to as soon as you hear of them and jot them down. Don’t let them sit in a bundle of post-its and then tossed away without any memory of their importance.
  4. Gentleman can carry planners in their pockets or in their backpacks while ladies can keep them in their purses. Most men and women have these things with them, so you won’t forget it is there.
  5. When planning future events, or in the case of having to remember when a future event is, if it is far away in the future, be sure to refer to your notes often to help keep yourself reminded that you have something to do soon.
  6. The most important thing is to constantly keep after yourself to check whatever method you use to remember dates and times. Review your planner every day and be aware of a personal affairs.

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