How to reduce puffy eyes

Have you slept badly or cried tears? Chances are that you can read that in your eyes. Red, thick and swollen. Not exactly a good look. With these six tips, you can get rid of those puffy eyes, so that you look fresh and fruity again.

How to reduce puffy eyes

Get rid of puffy eyes with these 8 tips

With these tips, you go from red eyes to a fresh look. Have you slept badly or cried tears? Chances are that you can read that in your eyes. Red, thick and swollen. Not exactly a good look. With these six tips, you can get rid of those puffy eyes, so that you look fresh and fruity again. 

1. Time

Time is the best way to reduce swelling, as the swelling will subside during the day. But if you have an important conversation or date, you naturally want them gone faster. The following tricks can also help you.

2. Eye cream

There are various eye creams against bags under the eyes and circles.

3. Ice cubes

What helps against swelling? Ice cream of course. The sudden cold causes the blood vessels to constrict, reducing the swelling. Therefore, cool your eyes with ice cubes. Do not put these directly on your eyes, but put them in a washcloth or a tea towel. You can also put two tablespoons in the freezer for a while and then place them on your eyes.

4. Cucumber

Lie down relaxed with two cucumber slices on your eyes. Take it even better by applying a face mask right away. Totally zen.

5. Cooled tea bag

Another thing that can help with puffy eyes is to put a cooled tea bag on your eyes. The caffeine in tea stimulates the elimination of fluids. It is therefore a common ingredient in eye creams. So go for teas with caffeine, such as green and black teas. Herbal tea does have a soothing effect but does not contain caffeine. Let the tea bag cool and squeeze it before placing it on your eyes.

6. Massage

It can also help to massage the skin around your eyes. The best way to do this is as follows: with a patting motion, go under your eyes with your middle fingers. You do this from the inner corner of your eye to the outside. This stimulates blood circulation. Massage the top of your eye by pressing firmly under your eyebrow with the tips of your ring fingers. You do this again from the inside out. Repeat these massages three times.

7. Eye Mask

You can also apply an eye mask to reduce swelling. The combination of light pressure and cooling ensures that the swelling will decrease. There are different types of eye masks. So you have one with a liquid in it, which you keep in the freezer. This provides a wonderful cooling effect on your eyes. You also have a rectangular bag filled with lavender and flaxseed and a jade mask from the Chinese store.

8. Makeup

No time for the above tips? Then you always have make-up. Although this does not take away the swelling, you will at least look a bit more awake. Apply some concealer under your eyes and on your lids if they are very red. Powder it off and apply a coat of mascara. Also, lightly trim your eyebrows to give them a  lift. This makes you look completely fresh and fruity again.

Preventing puffy eyes:

Numerous factors can cause your eyes to swell and there are several types of prevention. Avoid the most common causes if possible, such as drinking alcohol at night or eating foods high in salt or protein. In addition, you can prevent puffy eyes by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Try to get as much sleep as possible and maintain a regular sleep pattern. For most people, seven hours of sleep is ideal.
  • In addition, your bedroom should not be too hot. This can irritate the eyes. Everyone has a different opinion about how warm a bedroom should be, but the basic rule is to keep the temperature between 16 and 20 degrees.
  • Polluted air can irritate the eyes. Therefore, all areas should be regularly well ventilated to prevent dry, irritated and swollen eyes.
  • Dehydration can also lead to dry and puffy eyes. That is why it is so important to drink plenty of fluids. It is best to drink two liters of water a day. Eating less sugar can also help prevent puffy eyes.
  • Many allergies can lead to puffy eyes and dark circles.
  • The skin can also be irritated by excessive use of sugar, alcohol, or cosmetics containing perfume or preservatives. In people suffering from atopic dermatitis, this can lead to puffy eyes. People with atopic dermatitis should therefore maintain a healthy lifestyle and should not use harmful skin care products.
  • If an eye infection is causing the swelling, there are a number of prevention methods available depending on the type.
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