How to Read Body Language

How to Read Body Language

Whether we realize it or not, we human beings communicate in two separate ways. One way is by verbal means, and the other is by body talk or body language as it is usually known as. In order to completely understand what someone is saying to you, you must not only listen to verbal speech, but you must also watch and read their body language.

The most obvious body language is when someone shakes their head either back and forth or up and down. This is a widely recognized deliberate gesture which means no or yes. Folding one’s arms in front of them indicates that they are not listening to what you have to say, or, they do not agree with you.

Are they really listening to you or are they actually tuning you out?

Find this out by watching them. Are they leaning forward in their seat? Are they using full eye contact with you? Then they are probably listening attentively. On the other hand, are they leaning back in a relaxed position? Are they looking at television or otherwise diverting their attention elsewhere? If so, then the other person is only half hearing what you are saying, if they are hearing anything at all.

Remember too that the eyes have it, so to speak. You should always watch a person’s eyes, especially when you are trying to figure out of they like something or are attracted to someone. Research shows that the pupils of a person’s eyes will actually dilate when they are looking at something they like or someone they are attracted to.

This may be associated with the fact that our pulse and our breathing tends to increase when we are near someone we feel a physical attraction to. Even though this indicates at least a casual interest, you must keep on reading a person’s body language to further understand their feelings and thoughts about you. If, after an attraction is established between you and another person, they cross their arms, turn away from you, or otherwise divert their attention to somewhere else, this can mean that they need some space or some time to think about it.

They might not want to rush into a relationship, or, they are testing the waters to see how things go first before they wade in deeper. If this happens, you should be patient and calm and just let nature take its course.

Other common signs of body language include bodily movements. Anger, for example, is usually expressed when a person frowns, or their eyebrows are brought together. Anger can also be signaled by a person’s eyes becoming dark and large. But, don’t mistake this body talk for intense concentration in which a person can look the same way. When we are concentrating, we also tend to bring our eyebrows together and have a serious and thoughtful look on our faces.

A person can signal that they don’t care or would like to withdraw from the conversation by slouching either in a seated position or while standing up. In answer to a question presented to them, they might simply shrug their shoulders. This can either mean that they don’t care or that they do not know the answer to the question.

Another sign to watch for is when a person places his or her hands in their front pockets. This is usually a sign that they are busy and don’t want to be bothered, or, they are not sure of what to say regarding the situation at hand.

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