How to put on cufflinks

Jewelry for men is a delicate thing and requires careful selection. Basically, these are classic rings, chains, and bracelets that men have been devoted to for many years. But there is another interesting accessory that emphasizes the appearance of cufflinks.

How to put on cufflinks
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Cufflinks are decorative fasteners that hold the cuffs of a shirt together. This accessory appeared primarily as a piece of jewelry in the 17th century and began to be used along with buttons, laces, and ribbons (previously, cuffs were fastened in this way). The first cufflinks are two buttons made of precious metal and connected by a chain.

  • The ancestors of modern cufflinks are the so-called cuff buttons, which later received the modern name.
  • In the 19th century, the American George Kremenz patented a typewriter that printed buttons and cufflinks. Since then, mass production of this decorative item has appeared.
  • The cost of the most expensive fasteners is 10-30 thousand dollars. The material of manufacture and details of such expensive jewelry can be completely different, for example, ivory, rose and white gold, melted parts of an AK-47 assault rifle, and so on.
  • Today, they make cufflinks-flash drives with a memory capacity of up to 100 GB. The price of such models is not too high – only $ 200.
  • In addition to flash drives, there are cufflinks with the Wi-Fi option. And unlike the previous idea, the ability to create Internet access anywhere doesn’t seem so crazy.

Unlike ordinary buttons, cufflinks are also a decorative element, emphasize the individuality, status, and taste of a man, and become an elegant detail of the image. Before you tell us how to wear them, let’s look at the main types of cufflinks.

There are three main classifications of jewelry: by type of attachment, by symmetry, and by style.

Classification of cufflinks by type of attachment:

  • A rotating pin is a classic form when the clasp needs to be turned parallel to the leg, inserted into the cuffs and installed perpendicular to the leg.
  • Flat-the mounting method is similar to the previous one, but the design uses a flat plate instead of a pin.
  • Barbell cufflinks without any removable parts are considered particularly convenient.
  • Ball accessories are a chain with a ball mounted on the other end. They look more interesting than the previous ones, and are made in different versions.
  • Double-sided cufflinks are designed equally on the front and back sides.
  • Chains – two components of cufflinks are connected by a chain, it is possible to adjust the cuffs in density, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance from all sides.

Here everything is simple and depends solely on the preferences of the buyer.

  • Symmetrical cufflinks look the same on both sides.
  • Asymmetric cufflinks have a decorative front side and a reverse side in the form of a regular clasp.
  • Classic is the most popular choice among men, with strict shapes and colors.
  • Thematic decorative fasteners can demonstrate the specifics of the owner’s activity, his hobby.
  • Extravagant cufflinks are made in an unusual shape, for example, in the form of inscriptions, figures, a skull, a silhouette of a woman, and so on.
  • Multifunctional-the choice of practical people, as they are equipped with a clock, thermometer or compass, for example.
  • Strict clasps are large in design, mostly in dark tones.

The classic cufflink suit is, of course, strict twos or threes in dark colors and a white shirt. However, today men quite skillfully dilute such images with other colors, appropriately selecting cufflinks for them.

To comply with the rules of etiquette when wearing cufflinks, remember that the sleeves of the jacket should be slightly shorter than the sleeves of the shirt. This is not accidental, as it is intended to ensure that the cuffs are always visible from under the jacket. So, they demonstrated fasteners. And if with an ordinary classic suit we can choose cufflinks to suit the taste of the owner, then with a tuxedo it is recommended to wear cufflinks decorated with a black stone.

  • Harmony in everything. Cufflinks should be combined with all accessories in the image. For example, if you have a watch with a silver dial and a silver bracelet, then the cufflinks should also be silver, in harmony with the color of other accessories.
  • Relevance. Cufflinks are not compatible with sports accessories such as fitness trackers or watches with a plastic case.
  • It all depends on the situation. Despite the variety of cufflinks, their choice depends on the status, upcoming event, and age of the owner. If, for example, a business evening is planned, then accessories of a neutral shape in silver color will suit. A trip to the theater, a celebration and some holidays – here you can afford gold accessories, a variety of decor in the form of rhinestones, large stones.

Not all shirts are suitable for wearing with cufflinks, as they all have special cuffs.

  • The French shirt is intended only for cufflinks, excluding the presence of buttons.
  • The Italian shirt has buttons, so it is not used with cufflinks.
  • The Viennese shirt has both holes for cufflinks and classic buttons.
  1. The edges of the cuffs should be turned back.
  2. The two cuffs are connected in such a way that the slots for cufflinks are at the same level.
  3. Now you need to insert the decoration into the slot, first passing the reverse side.
  4. Fasten the cufflinks according to the type of attachment.
  5. If you have done everything correctly, the front part of the asymmetrical cufflinks will be visible from the outside.
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