How to properly wear cufflinks

Cufflinks are an accessory that adds elegance to a man’s wardrobe. For representatives of the stronger sex, these decorations can be a pleasant surprise and a welcome purchase. Do not think that decorative fasteners are the lot of the chosen ones. Everyone can master the use of an elegant alternative to buttons. How to properly wear cufflinks on a shirt, and what you need to know about them, we will tell you in this article.

How to properly wear cufflinks

Why are they needed?

The main purpose of cufflinks is to fasten the shirt cuff. The history of decorative fasteners began in the 17th century. With the development of industry, buttons replaced accessories for fastening sleeves, but handmade products are still sewn with slots for cufflinks.

The loops on the cuff are arranged in such a way that when combined with each other, they can be fastened with a decorative element of the men’s wardrobe. Sliding through the holes running along the edge of the sleeve, the clasps snap together and hold the sides of the cuff securely.

Attention! Traditionally, jewelry is used on French cuffs, which consist of two layers of fabric with a lapel. These shirts are worn in combination with a classic tuxedo

Decorative fasteners are made of different materials, but the most popular are precious metals. Most often, men prefer jewelry made of silver, gold, and platinum.

We must not forget that cufflinks should not go against the general style and other accessories. Various options are considered as jewelry, from chrome to diamonds.

In addition to silver, gold, and platinum, cufflinks can be made from:

  • quartz;
  • sterling silver;
  • carbon fiber;
  • enamels;
  • mother of pearl;
  • panes of glass;
  • precious stones;
  • rose gold;
  • silks;
  • made of stainless steel;
  • titanium.

Most often, men prefer jewelry made of silver, gold, and platinum.

  • Rotating pins are the most popular fastener .Most often, men choose accessories with moving parts because of the convenience of jewelry in operation;
  • Threaded hinge fasteners require some skills to put on, but are considered the most reliable.;
  • Cufflinks on a chain, without a certain skill, are quite difficult to fix. They are attached by means of two chains connected together. In this case, the cuffs are not fixed tightly;
  • The advantage of the “rod” shape is the immobility of the elements, this design allows you to increase the service life of the product. To learn how to attach such jewelry, you need to practice;
  • Cufflinks with flat fastening are easy to fasten and fit snugly to the shirt.

According to the symmetry of decorative fasteners, there are:

  • asymmetrical – only one side of the decoration is decorated;
  • symmetrical – both parts are the same;

Symmetrical and asymmetrical cufflinks.

Basic rules of wearing

  • Since the first cufflinks were made, these ornaments are considered a sign of aristocracy and good manners, they are capricious and require proper operation.

Please note! A decorative detail of a man’s wardrobe should be visible and invisible at the same time

  • When choosing accessories, you should make sure that they are combined not only with the color of the suit, but also look in harmony with the clothespin for a tie, as well as the owner’s wristwatch.;
  • Cufflinks made of yellow metal require that the rest of the jewelry be in the same style and color. If the design of the clasp provides for the presence of precious stones, then the same breed should be used in the tie clip.
  • An elegant masculine look means perfection in every detail . Blue clothing is suitable for a set of jewelry made of steel or silver. For gold and bronze items, it is better to choose suits in classic colors.

Attention! Accessories with natural stones emphasize the style and status of a man. Expensive jewelry should be considered as a successful investment in the future

How to properly put a decorative clasp on a shirt

How to wear cufflinks :

  • Put on a suitable shirt;
  • Bring your hand forward. With the French type of shirt, you need to first turn up the edge of the sleeve. Then you need to align the slits on the cuffs;
  • Bend the arm at the elbow joint and insert the clasp with the decor facing up;
  • On the inside of the cuff fasten the cufflink in a suitable way;
  • The same steps should be done with the second cuff;
  • When the accessories have taken their place, it is recommended to stretch out your arms and evaluate the symmetry and height of their location;
  • It’s time to put on a jacket, its sleeves should hide jewelry, according to the rules, decorative fasteners are shown only at the moment of bending the arms.

Knowing how to put cufflinks on a French shirt will help you demonstrate the elegance of the image.

Do not be upset if the wardrobe did not have a shirt with cuffs of the French type. Cufflinks can also be combined with a regular shirt. However, the holes in the cuffs will have to be made independently.

Given that there is already one slot on the cuff (it was provided by the manufacturer), you will need to make another one. To do this, cut off the button and make a loop in its place. Now it remains to cut a hole, after which you can combine the shirt with a suitable men’s decoration.

Attention! If the order of actions is violated, the slot may not be neat

We’ll tell you how to properly wear cufflinks on a shirt below. A man who knows how to wear cufflinks and uses this skill in everyday life will never be left out.

How to pair cufflinks with shirts
Photo by Michael Morse

Men’s shirts with what cuffs can be used to wear cufflinks?

Cuffs on the shirt are very important because they set the overall style. When considering things to buy, it is worth considering that cuffs are divided into several types. However, not every one of them is suitable for wearing accessories.

Types of cuffs:

  • Italian cuff;
  • French Cuff;
  • Vienna Cuff,

The Italian cuff is familiar to everyone. It is made of a single layer of fabric and fastened with a button. The sleeve of such a shirt does not involve wearing decorative fasteners, so the cuff is devoid of slits. If the wardrobe only holds shirts of this type, it makes sense to review the wardrobe.

The French cuff, on the other hand, provides for the wearing of cufflinks. It consists of two layers of fabric with a lapel and has no buttons. This is the only type of shirt that is combined with a tuxedo, and it, as you know, implies the presence of beautiful and suitable clasps in style. The advantage of the French cuff is also that shirts with it can also be used to create less formal images, for example, for sports or office style.

The Viennese cuff is suitable for both buttons and cufflinks. This is a combination cuff that combines the French and Italian types. Such a shirt can be worn not only under the jacket but also under the tailcoat, although true fashion experts are skeptical about this advantage.

Thus, choosing the type of cuff is an important step that should be given special attention. Everyone can master the use of an elegant alternative to buttons.

How and when to wear cuff jewelry

Cufflinks set the accent in shaping the image of a successful man, they can be worn with any shirts that have holes on the cuffs.

If there are no slits on the sleeves, you can contact the nearest atelier, tailors will remove the button and make a small loop. Thus, technically, this accessory can be worn with any shirt, starting with the one used for business meetings and ending with an old flannel shirt.

By the way, the second option is often chosen by modern hipsters. Representatives of this subculture like to mix high fashion with low. They are not afraid to experiment and create unique images.

It is not necessary to buy ready-made products presented in the store, real exclusive wardrobe elements can be made to order. Most often, jewelers make personalized or themed accessories. You can create decorations with the company logo or a family coat of arms.

Practical tips

Here are some recommendations on how to wear cufflinks, and how to choose them correctly:

  • The color of the decorative sleeve fastener should be combined with other accessories of the owner. Silver will always make friends with silver, and gold creates a successful alliance with gold;
  • It is not recommended to wear plastic or sports watches with French-style shirts. In this case, you will not be able to find suitable fasteners;
  • A successful combination of cufflinks with a business card holder or belt buckle, emphasizes the good taste of a man;
  • For those who do not tolerate monotony, whole sets of fasteners are produced, in which several running models are presented to create suitable images.

A man who knows how to wear cufflinks and uses this skill in everyday life will never be left out.