How to promote your website

promote your website

All the effort you have put in to design the website has been paid off and your website is ready to face the world. But wait a minute. In order for your site to be known to all, you have to do something. “But how, do I go about that?” you might ask in confusion. In order for your site to gain worldwide exposure, you need to market your site. And to give you a helping hand in marketing your site, I have listed here some useful tips.

  1. List in directories – This is a sure way to gain traffic to your site. Make sure that you submit your URL to popular directories like Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos and Excite. By having your website listed in these directories you can be sure that you will be pulling in the crowds to your site.
  1. Contribute articles to newsletters – If you are an expert in a chosen topic, you should think about contributing your expertise to a relevant newsletter. Most newsletters would give you publicity by stating your URL together with your article in the newsletter. Thus, people who read the newsletter will notice your article and your website and would visit your site if they wish to get more information.
  2. Announce your site – What better way is there than to announce to the world about your site? Yes, once your site is all ready hesitate no more to check out announcement services. You can go to to announce your site.
  3. Banner exchange – Here is another cost-free way to promote your site. Create your own banner for your site and exchange it with others in the banner exchange programs.
  4. Newsgroups – Postings in newsgroups is another way to let people know of your site. You should first find a topic group that matches the subject of your website. It is not wise to do posting in an irrelevant newsgroup as you could annoy the members in that group. Another important tip is to avoid junk postings.
  5. Publish your newsletter – This will be a great idea if you have the time. You can come up with either a weekly or monthly newsletter offering valuable information for your visitors. By publishing your newsletter you are keeping in touch with your visitors and attracting them back to your site.
  6. Include URL – Another way to alert people to your site is to put down your Url in your marketing items like business cards, booklets, brochures, or flyers. You can even include the URL when you are sending e-mails.
  7. Provide free service – If you offer something for free, you can bet that many will be attracted to visit your site. For example, if you are a pro in a certain topic like Technology, you could allocate a section on your website where you offer free tips and advice on that chosen subject. Some websites are offering free e-cards just to attract traffic. Likewise, you too can offer something free for your visitors.
  8. Ask visitors to bookmark your site – There are some sites where there is a ‘Bookmark this site’ buttons for surfers to bookmark that particular site. Just like these sites, you too could create such buttons to be put up in your site. Once your visitors bookmark your site, you can be assured that they will be visiting your site again.
  9. Advertisements – You could place advertisements in e-zines and e-mail newsletters to gain traffic to your site. It is better if you advertise in popular e-zines as they would bring for you more publicity. You could also place advertisements in magazines and the local papers to gain more publicity for your website.

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